Westeros Prime

Episode Ten: An Iron Return

Our adventure begins with our party having secured the Guthor Grimm’s flagship to Grimston. If it had not been for the Inner Circle coming to the rescue, a mutiny would have cost the Tyrell strong arm and his sons their lives.

The Inner Circle sails north up the coast passing Lannisport and The Crag. Their destination is Seagard. They are to disembark and head east to link up with the Kingsroad for a 2-3 day journey South to Castle Ondrew.

But just south of the Iron Islands as the ship sails East towards Seagard, a fleet of ships is seen on the horizon. The fleet is sailing West. A few of the members don Myrish lenses to get a better look. Through the lens they make out eight ships, with three different sigils on the masts of the ships. Three of the ships are from House Kenning, three from House Myre, and two from House Wynch. The captain of Inner Circle’s ship points to smoke rising from the coastline. After a short discussion, members of the Inner Circle agree that it would be prudent to investigate the smoke. The captain of the ships docks the vessel at the nearest port, which happens to be where the fires are burning.

The party disembarks with their small force and cargo and make their way up the road leading to a village. Death and destruction can be seen in this small fishing village. Many homes burn while frantic citizens try to extinguish the blazes. Dead men, women, and children litter the streets. The Inner Circle springs into action and begin to help some of the wounded. They begin to ask what had happened and find out that a large force of Ironborn Raiders (about 100 of them) did this. Many innocent townsfolk were killed and some of the younger women rounded up. After destroying, raping, and reaving, the Ironmen split into two groups, with some headed North and others East. They also find out that the village is a holding to House Charlton (retconned) and their young lord, Ser Andrey Charlton. He was likely on the way to aid the village, but had not yet arrived. House Charlton is a sworn banner of House Frey.

The Inner Circle decides to leave Perwyn Frey and five of their men to stay back and help with the efforts, and to also meet Lord Andrey Charlton. The rest of the Redrill party will head East following the tracks left by the Ironmen pillagers in the hopes of catching up to them. They follow the tracks out of the village and onto a small road. Alyn surmises that there appears to be 20-30 men on foot. He also sees that there are small foot tracks (likely women and children). They decide that travelling on the road is not wise as they are outnumbered and would rather sneak up on the bad guys. They devise a plan to send scouts ahead in the woods and on the high ground, that runs along the road. Soon after, the Redrill scouts return and inform the party that a group of Ironborn are coming back down the road. There are women and children with them. The Ironmen are armed with axes and bows, and there appears to be a clear leader. He wields an epic Warhammer.

The group, knowing the fate of the women if taken by the Ironmen, decides to ambush the approaching party. The group sets a position to funnel the Ironmen through a small passing, making the ambush more effective. Mallador, Alyn, and the archers take position behind a fallen tree to better shoot down the Ironmen. The guerrillas move into the low hills to be a position to flank their enemies, while Alex and Osric take a point position on horseback to charge the foes and force them towards the guerrillas. It’s an excellent plan.

The battle was fierce and intense. The Inner Circle’s battle ground positioning greatly aided them. Alyn’s powerful and deadly arrow’s cut down several foes, Alex’s skillful use of his longsword and riding skills, and even the scrappy squire Osric does some damage. Still, the fighting is heavy and both Osric and Mallador are wounded. Alex (of course) rounds up the fleeing women and are convinced that they are from House Redrill and are there to help. They take the Ironmen leader’s Warhammer as a prize for the house, even though Osric wanted it for himself. The Inner Circle decided that it was best to make camp and rest their wounds for the night. During the night Perwyn and the five soldiers stumble upon the camp and rejoins they party. The next morning the group makes it’s way South with no sign of any Ironmen.

After three months, the Inner Circle party reaches their home lands and are anxious to get to Castle Ondrew. It is soon obvious that the domain is in disarry, have not been maintained, and lacking in leadership. Castle Ondrew also seems out of sorts. The gates are opened and Alex shouts for the Master of Arms. Minutes later, Lancaster Giles appears and informs the party that no one has seen Lord Osfred since they had left for Oldtown. He tells Alex & Alyn that (as of late) there has been an increase of Terrick guards on the grounds of the Castle. Immediately, the party makes it’s way to Lord Osfred’s chambers. They fear the worst. As they reach the hallway, they are met by two purple-clad Terrick guards. Alex calls out that he demands to enter and the guards let them by without hindrance. The door is flung open and a horrible smell hits them in the face. It is dark in the room, save for the fire in the hearth. Mallador recognizes the smells as vinegar and mustard seeds – ingredients from the recipe he had sent to Maester Orchid.

Lord Osfred is sleeping, and Maester Orchid ushers them into the next room. Orchid says that since receiving the Essos “cocktail” from Mallador, the Greyscale seems to have stopped spreading. Lord Osfred condition is improving, but his ear and part of his cheek had to be removed. Mallador already starts thinking of a mask he could create to cover the scarring (Phantom of the Opera -style). Alex asks why there are Terrick men guarding the door and Maester Orchid tells him that Septon Stoddard was causing conflict and tried to force his methods of fasting and prayer on him, instead of the Maester’s way. Orchid and Mallador converse about the treatment before Orchid is dismissed by the Inner Circle.

The group goes to meet with Septon Stoddard, who is holed up in Lord Osfred’s solar. The solar is a mess. Parchment and remnants of food and wine are scattered about. He sits in the chair when the group enters. He is more than relieved to see them. Stoddard tells them that he had a hard time keeping order on the lands as some of the men seemed to be “enjoying” the time off. Alex thanks the Septon and informs him that he can go back to just being a servant of the Seven. Stoddard is enthusiastic about this news as he hands Alex the parchment from King Robert. He says that he did not tell anyone about the letter from King Robert. The Inner Circle is grateful for this. They help get things in order in the solar before dismissing the Septon.

The next morning (over breakfast) Alex and Alyn disagree about a course of action about Robert’s request. Alex thinks it would be unwise to tell Father in his current state, while Alyn feels that it is necessary. Alex caves to his younger brother’s proposition. Shortly after, the two enter Lord Osfred’s chambers. The Lord of the House is awake and with Mallador, who attends to the open wounds. The skin around the gap looks grey and hard. Nevertheless, Osfred is joyed to see his sons and that Mallador’s situation was (sort of) cleared up. Eventually Alyn hands Robert’s letter to Osfred, who reads it. Before a discussion can be made, a new piece of parchment is brought in by a servant.

Lord Osfred tells the group that Lord Tully has called them to raise their banners. The Ironborn have launched an invasion on the Riverlands.

Reward: Each member of the party receives 2 Experience and 1 Glory.

Episode Nine: The Oldtown Conspiracy

Our adventure begins with the Inner Circle having been told two things.

1. Maester Brahm is dead. He was killed last night and strung up on the docks.
2. Septon Stoddard has written to them to inform them that Lord Osfred has been named Hand of the King, by King Robert Baratheon. The problem is, Basil has not seen Lord Osfred since Maester Orchid banned him from seeing the Lord of House Redrill.

The Inner Circle ponders their course of action. They decide to send a raven to Maester Orchid with the research Mallador found for the ancient eastern treatment of Lord Osfred’s Greyscale. They also plan to leave Oldtown as soon as possible. With this new information of Septon Stoddard not being able to reach Lord Osfred, the Inner Circle feels that he may be in danger.

Perwyn and Mallador enlist Willamen to help them get information about House Kytely. Lord Ambrose Kytely’s bastard, Tobias Kytely has shown up on the parchment. They find that House Kytely is a small and poor house in the Riverlands, situated close to the Twins. Lord Kytely is known to having fathered many children and follows the ambitions and style of his liege lord, Walder Frey. The more Kytely’s, the more prosperous the family will become. But nothing further is found out about his bastard, Tobias.

Alyn, Alex, and Osric make their way down to the docks and monitor the investigation being undertaken by the City Watch. Osric uses his street smarts and inquires with some locals, who inform him that Brahm was likely into the Bravoosi Black Trade and that’s why he was killed.

Alex secures a ship to take them up to Ironman’s Bay, where they are to depart and make haste for Castle Ondrew. These men look like interesting fellows. They charge a pretty penny to travel and require immediate payment to secure a spot on board. Alex pays.

Alyn notices that a member of the City Watch has taken an interest in them. The Sergeant seems to recognize them from the night before as he was present when the Inner Circle reported the attempt on their lives. They ask them to come along to visit the Lord of Hightower, as this matter of a City Watchman and a Maester being murdered is something that must be reported to the liege lord.


They are brought to the Hightower, which serves as seat to Lord Leyton Hightower. The tower shoots up towards the sky and the beacon atop blazes bright. Lord Leyton sends his third son, Gunthor Hightower to deal with the matter. Gunthor hears the story and decides it best to meet with the Seneschal, who is the Archmaester who governs the affairs of the Citadel. It is also the Archmaester who handles disciplinary affairs within the Order. Most Archmaesters consider it a thankless task that takes them away from their true calling. Like others who have been elected to this position, Maester Cripps is jaded by the appointment. He feels it is taking away from his studies, which happen to by Healing Arts. A City Watchman tells the Inner Circle members that he has the reputation to judge quickly during disciplinary hearings; mostly giving a guilty sentence. Meanwhile, Perwyn, Mallador, and Willamen are summoned to the Seschal’s Court as well. They arrive to see the Grimm’s, Alex, Alyn, and Osric waiting.

Archmaester Cripps is balding, and in his 60’s. His fat raven “Blackstar” is perched on his shoulder as he feeds it corn. He is finishing up with another case, sending a young novice to the Wall for a crime he was guilty of committing. Gunthor Hightower approaches the Seneschal and converses with him about the case and events. Seneschal Cripps then invites everyone into private chambers to discuss the matter.

In the chamber the evidence is brought forth. A new piece of evidence is presented – a blue vial and a note found on the body of Maester Brahm. The vial is examined by the Seneschal and the note is read aloud. The note incriminates Maester Mallador for being the mastermind behind the Triangle Scheme. Mallador asks to examine the evidence and discovers the purple ink is Bravoosi and not used by any Maester of Oldtown. Gerarth Grimm appeals to the Seneschal that Mallador is not guilty and is an honorable Maester. He then tells the story of how the Maester and his companions protected the Grimm Brothers outside of King’s Landing when they could have easily used that as a way out. Lord Guthor Grimm explains that both Smithwist had exonerated Mallador of any wrongdoing and that it was all a setup. Alex insists that the poison found on Brahm’s body could be used to prove that Brahm was into the Black Trade. That same poison could have been used to poison Archmaester Smithwist. Mallador concurs and tells the Seneschal about Smithwist’s rapid health decline and that everyone feels Brahm may have poisoned his master.

Seneschal Cripps rules that Mallador is found not guilty of the original crimes as there is sufficient evidence to show that he had nothing to do with the matter and for some reason was marked.

Mallador offers that the body of Smithwist be cut open and examined for evidence of poison. Some of the members of the Inner Circle find this to be an unnecessary measure, one that might delay their departure from Oldtown. Nevertheless, Seneschal Cripps agrees to the autopsy and asks Maester Mallador to assist. Mallador and Cripps cut open the belly of Smithwist and it is immediately revealed that his bowels had been liquified, which is caused by the poison Tears of Lys.

Another meeting takes place. Seneschal Cripps explains that along with the City Watch and Gunthor Hightower, the Citadel will launch a major investigation into the conspiracy. He tells the Grimm’s and the Redrill’s that it is better to leave Oldtown at once. All agree.

The next morning, the Grimm’s depart. On the docks, Guthor Grimm gives the Redrill party a Grimm banner as a token that the two houses shall always remain loyal to one another. The goodbye is emotional as the members of the two houses pay homage to each other. Guthor, his two sons, and a number of men board the Grimm flagship and set sail north.

The Redrill board their hired vessel and depart an hour later. Not far after they set sail, the Redrill ship notices the Grimm ship idle off to the Northwest. Sensing something is wrong, Alex orders the hired sailors to bring the ship alongside the Grimm vessel to see what is the matter. They agree under the agreement that they will be paid more. As the ship nears, they see a knight thrown overboard, who sinks in his armor. A mutiny is occuring.

Members of the Redrill party along with their forces board the massive Grimm flagship and begin hacking their way up to Lord Guthor and his two sons who are fighting for their lives. A fierce fight commences and the Redrill’s are able to dispel the mutiny. Gerarth Grimm is severely wounded, but is spared death by Mallador’s healing. The adventure ends with the Inner Circle once again having come to the rescue of the Grimm’s.

Reward: Each member of the party receives 4 Experience and 2 Glory.

Episode Eight: Oldtown (Part 2)

The Inner Circle has just been told of the death of Archmaester Smithwist. His servant, Maester Brahm had discovered that the elder Maester had died in his sleep. The news comes the morning after Smithwist told Mallador that he believed the Redrill Maester was innocent of all charges, and that someone was using him as a pawn to try and expose Smithwist. He had also told Mallador that there was to be no trial. But he had also told him that no one else had known this, not even Guthor Grimm, who was set to arrive tomorrow. This leaves Mallador without a clear ally. Uncertainty looms once again.

Meanwhile, the party is also perturbed because of a vivid dream that Alyn had the night before. In the dream Lord Osfred turned to stone and his caretaker Maester Orchid did nothing to help. This coupled with the lack of news regarding the true condition of Lord Osfred has the Inner Circle worried.

After failing miserably trying to bed the Quill and Tankard barkeep Emma, Perwyn Frey is eager to see his younger brother Willamen Frey, who is an Acolyte of the Citadel. Emma told him that he’d likely be in to the bar in the afternoon. Alex is looking a little tired after spending the night in a bed with Emma. Though she is into her fortieth year, her prowess with a man is that of a woman in her twentieth.

Maester Brahm tells the Inner Circle that the meeting between the Grimm’s and the Inner Circle is still to take place and that Brahm will be the arbitrator in the matter. He is aware of Archmeaster Smithwist’s theory that Mallador was being used as some sort of pawn and is to present this information to the Grimm’s. The meeting is to take place away in the remote part of the Citadel campus – the vacant Novice barracks.

Before Brahm departs for a meeting to elect a new Archmaester, he tells the Inner Circle to be present at the Quill & Tankard in the evening as Guthor Grimm is set to arrive at that time. He will send a City Watch guard to escort them across campus as soon as he arrives.

After he departs the Inner Circle all agree that Brahm is not to be trusted. They believe that Brahm is up to no good and will have to be on guard. They also agree that a raven must be sent to Castle Ondrew to inquire about Lord Osfred’s condition. They have not heard from Septon Stoddard (steward of Castle Ondrew) since their departure. Sfter arranging a raven, the Inner Circle decides to split up each doing different things.

Mallador decides to spend his time in the library, researching remedies for Lord Osfred’s Greyscale condition. He succeeds in finding some ancient methods of using reduced fish skin oils and boiled vinegar.

Alyn, Alex, and Osric decide to scope out the Novice barracks looking for anything out of sorts like traps, soldiers, etc. They also interview some Novices about Maester Brahm. Other than hearing a rumor that Smithwist and Brahm were homosexual lovers, nothing else of note is discovered.

Perwyn stays back at the Quill and Tankard and awaits his brother, Willamen. In the early afternoon he arrives and immediately hits on Emma. Perwyn watches this from across the pub and snickers at his brother’s failure. Emma then points Willamen over to Perwyn. The two embrace in a brotherly hug and begin to drink cider and reminisce. Willamen Frey, is a talented young Acolyte who has almost completed his Maesters chain. He’s taken an interest in Warfare, citing his love for the tales of glory in battle and is working hard for the last link. He very much enjoys being a Maester and feels he is honoring his family by forging a chain.

Perwyn and Willamen begin to converse about current events. First they speak about the death of Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King. Willamen heard rumors that Lord Arryn had been poisoned but noted that it was more likely he had caught the flux and died. Jon Arryn had a reputation of being a sickly man. Willamen explains that there is speculation that Eddard Stark of Winterfell was to be named Hand of the King, though he felt that someone different would be named. Someone to help lower tensions in the realm. Perhaps someone who stayed loyal to the Targaryen crown in Robert’s Rebellion.

Perwyn asks Willamen about Maester Brahm. Willamen admits that Brahm is sly and that there is rumor of him using his good looks and flirtatious nature to propel himself up the ranks to become Archmaester Smithwist’s steward. But Willamen tells Perwyn that Brahm is not a homosexual, as he’s heard of a story that Brahm recently smacked around a prostitute who tried to steal from him after having relations. Perwyn tells his brother of their situation and that they don’t entirely trust that Brahm is working for them. Willamen tells Perwyn that he sees Brahm down by the docks talking with some sketchy people – likely those in the black trade. Willamen relents that not everyone down by the docks is shady, as Willamen himself is a regular of the docks to play Cyvasse. Shortly, Willamen leaves to attend to his studies.

As night time settles in and the party is reunited and waiting for word of Guthor Grimm’s arrival, Maester Mallador reveals his Greyscale discovery to the group. They all give the surly Measter a pat on the back for a job well done. They get to talking and all agree that Brahm is not to be trusted and that it would be beneficial to catch Guthor Grimm at the docks and personally inform him of the news before Brahm can. They decide to inform Emma that they are going down to the docks. They pay a servant to come get them if the City Watch escort arrives.

They suit up and head down to the docks to find that they were too late. The Grimm ship had already arrived, and Guthor was escorted by some members of the City Watch. As this happens, the Quill & Tankard servant runs down and tells them that their escort had arrived and was waiting back at the Inn. They hurry back to find a lone City Watchman looking annoyed.

The Inner Circle is escorted across campus to the Novice dormitory. They enter a candlelit room where Guthor Grimm and his two sons sit at a table across from Maester Brahm. Members of the City Watch wait along the walls. They are soon asked to exit the room. Introductions take place. Guthor Grimm looks to be perturbed; his thoughts elsewhere. Evidently, he has learned of Smithwist’s death. Guthor then asks his sons to leave. Perplexed, Gerarth Grimm wonders aloud why he they are being excused from the meeting. Members of the City Watch are called to escort the heir to House Grimm and his hulking brother out of the room. They do not go quietly.

The meeting goes as well as it could. Brahm mediates the meeting and presents the “Pawn Theory” of the late Archmaester. Guthor presents the apparent “incriminating” parchment. Mallador recognizes one name from the parchment – Tobias Rivers. He recollects this name as one of the accusers during the last “Triangle Scheme” fiasco. But has never met Tobias Rivers. The parchment is passed around to the other members of the Inner Circle. Perwyn recognizes the name as well. Tobias Rivers is the bastard son to Lord Ambrose Kytely. House Kytely is a Banner House to House Frey. Perwyn only recognizes the name and knows the House, but nothing else. Still, it’s a start.

The meeting soon comes to and end with Guthor, Maester Brahm, and the Inner Circle agreeing to meet in the morning to do some investigations. Brahm exits with members of the City Watch. The lone City Watchman who escorted them there led the way back across campus.

Crossing a bridge, some heavy fog rolled in. The Honeywine raged below. The City Watchman leads the way over the bridge and disappears in the fog. After hearing a few stomps, the Watchman stumbled back and holds his neck. Blood is seeping through his fingers as he gasps for air. He neck has been cut. He dies as he chokes on his own blood.

An ambush commences on the Inner Circle. Mallador retreats off the bridge and hides behind the bridge. After a tough fight, the Inner Circle is able to kill the assassins. They inform the City Watch of the attack and show the Bravoosi blades as evidence. They also find that one of the assassins was using poison-tipped daggers. Luckily, no one was hit with one.

Worried for the Grimm’s, they head to the Inn where they are staying and find that they are all safe. The Inner Circle informs the Grimm’s of the attempt on their lives and to be cautious. The party returns to the Inner Circle, weary of the fight.

The next morning Willamen enters the Inn and informs Perwyn that Maester Brahm had been found dead that morning, his body hung from the docks and stabbed with a Bravoosi blade. At the same time a message arrives with the wax seal of House Redrill.

The message is from Septon Stoddard. It says that King Robert intends to make Lord Osfred “Hand of the King.” The problem is that Septon Stoddard has been banned from seeing Lord Osfred by Maester Orchid. He is unable to give Lord Osfred the news and doesn’t trust Maester Orchid.

Episode Seven: Oldtown

Nearly a month has passed and the Inner Circle has finally reached Oldtown. At Bitterbridge, no boats were available to take the party down the Mander. Instead, the Grimm Brothers decided the best course of action would be to continue down the Roseroad and travel to Oldtown on foot.

The journey through the Reach was pleasant compared to their passage in King’s Landing and the Crownlands. They crossed wide sweeping meadows, lush forests, lazily meandering rivers, well-tended farms and vineyards, and friendly villages.

As they near the city from the Northeast, the smell of salt and humid air hits them. In the distance the Hightower (the tallest structure in Westeros) looms with it’s beacon blazing bright. The road turns to cobblestone as the party nears the city wall of Oldtown. Entering the Rose Gate, the party is overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of this beautiful city. The city itself is stunningly beautiful; many rivers and canals crisscross its cobbled streets, and breathtaking stone mansions are common. The city lacks the squalor of King’s Landing, which usurped its position as the pre-eminent city of Westeros. However, the city is a labyrinth of wynds, alleys and streets. The party will need a map or a guide to navigate the streets. One could easily get lost. To their left across the city is the a Starry Sept, once the seat of the High Septon. The Obsidian temple topped with a seven pointed star looms across the city scape.

The Grimm Brothers inform the Inner Circle that they are to enter the Citadel to meet with Archmaester Smithwist (Guthor Grimm’s lover) who will make arrangments for the Grimm’s and Redrill party a place to meet.

Suddenly, people in the city begin pointing up at the sky. The largest flock of White Ravens ever seen in the city of Oldtown are flying away from the city. Something important is going on but word has not come out of the Citadel as of yet.

The Inner Circle and the Grimms enter the East Gate of the Citadel The gates are flanked by a pair of tall green sphinxes with the bodies of lions, the wings of eagles and the tails of serpents. One has the face of a man, the other a woman. They pass by the statue of Daeron I and the Scholar’s Sept. They then cross a bridge on the Honeywine making note of the Bloody Isle and the Ravenry upriver.

The arrive at the main complex of the Campus; the Conclave. This is the main Headquarters of the Order of the Archmaesters and the Seneschal’s Court, a place where Maester’s who have been accused of a Crime plead their case and receive judgement. Members of the City Watch patrol the front. At a guard house outside the Conclave, arms are collected for storage and a large stable is alongside to stow and horses. After checking their arms at the guard house, the party makes their way into the Conclave. Inside the main hall is the Scribe’s Hearth. Here, the citizens of Oldtown come to hire scribes, usually acolytes, to write and read letters for them. The scribes wait in open stalls for their custom. Other stalls situated at the Scribe’s Hearth include those where books are bought and sold. Others offer maps.

One of the party members purchase a map of the city, shown here:
Oldtown ii by other in law

Gerarth brings Mallador up to a large counter (similar to a lobby desk). A young maester who appears to be in charge greets them. Gerarth tells the secretary they are here to meet with Archmaester Smithwist on official business. He nods and goes up a staircase.

While they wait for Gerarth and Mallador to grab them, members of the party decide they are going to ask questions about the White Raven. They ask an Acolyte and he believes that it must be a death of some sort, but he’s not sure who it could be.

After a few minutes, another young Maester arrives and introduces himself as Maester Brahm – the personal steward Maester to Archmaester Smithwist. He is very handsome; odd for a Maester. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and looks to be in excellent shape. He is very friendly as he introduces himself to the party. “Archmaester Smithwist will be glad to hear of your arrival.”

The Inner Circle is invited upstairs to be introduced to Archmaester Smithwist. They enter the solar and see Smithwist behind a desk. He appears to be well into his 60’s with a snow white hair and beard, extending down to the top of his chest. Noticing the party his hops up (quite spritely for someone in his 60’s) to greet them. He holds a rod of yellow gold. He is also wearing a ring yellow gold too. This signifies that he is the Archmaester of Accounts for the Order of Conclave. Maester Brahm introduces the party.

Archmaester Smithwist apologizes for making the party wait. He tells them that the Hand of the King Jon Arryn is dead and that things are a little crazy at the Citadel. Then he greets the Grimms, exclaiming how much they’ve grown and that his Father must be proud of these two fine men. The last time he saw them, they were “sparring with wooden swords at Highgarden.” He recollects his time as Maester to Mace Tyrell and mentions that their father “Guthor Grimm is the most loyal vassal to the Tyrell’s.” He tells them that Guthor spent as much time at Highgarden as he did at his seat on the Shield Islands. Finally he tells the brothers that he has sent a raven to Guthor Grimm telling him to make haste travel to Oldtown. He should be arriving in two days time.

He then greets Mallador and the Redrill party and says he wishes it were on better terms. He explains that an investigation into the matter will be made. The Citadel will expend the resources to find the truth of the matter. Smithwist insists that Mallador will have every chance to prove his innocence. The Seseschal as judge if a trial is needed, as is custom. As it is a severe charge against Mallador, if guilty the punishment will likely be banishment to the Wall.

He brings up Lord Osfred and asks about his condition. Alex and Alyn tell him that they’d hoped he heard something. Swithwist tells him he has not heard word, but insists that Maester Orchid is an excellent healer and that Lord Osfred is in good hands. He tells you that Maester Brahm personally recommended Orchid, as the two had been friends during their studies as Acolytes. He admits that it was Brahm’s idea to send Maester Orchid from House Terrick. Maester Brahm nods and agrees that it was a logical decision. “Maester Orchid would still be able to assist Lord Borin while tending for Lord Osfred, with the two houses being neighbors.” He reaffirms to the Inner Circle that if Lord Osfred’s condition worsened they surely would have heard something about it.

Archmaester Smithwist tells them that Maester Mallador’s companions will be given lodging on the Citadel premises in a vacant area of the Novice barracks, but that the Redrill Archers and Guerilla’s will not have free food and lodging. He tells them that once Guthor Grimm arrives, they will summon the Inner Circle. Until then they have about two days to enjoy the city. He asks Maester Brahm to show them to their quarters and bids them farewell.

The party follows Maester Brahm accross campus. They make their way towards the Ravenry. Mallador remembers that these barracks are rumored to be haunted. Upon hearing this (and seeing the subpar lodging), the party decides that they’d rather stay at an Inn. Maester Brahm tells them about the Quill and Tankard, which is the oldest pub in Oldtown (and quite possibly Westeros). They Inner Circle decides that it sounds wonderful. Shortly thereafter, he exits to get back to work.

The Archers and Guerillas are given lodging. Alyn asks his Archers to behave, but they kind of laugh him off. Alex sternly tells his Guerillas to play nice in Oldtown, and it appears they took him seriously. (We’ll see how that plays out….) After consulting the map they find the Quill and Tankard. It stands on an island in the Honeywine. It is a tall, timbered building that leans toward the south and has a torchlit terrace, with green space. Outside, Novices and Acolytes drink from tankards as they sit on a patch of green grass. In six hundred years the pub has never closed.

They enter and are greeted by Emma (the proprietor) and Rosey (Emma’s teenage daughter). Alex secures rooms for the party. Emma tells the party that Rosey’s maidenhead can be had for the price of a gold dragon. Perwyn makes a pass at Emma (who still looks good for a woman who is forty years of age). She laughs it off and tells him he looks like a “Frey” who is always trying the same thing. Perwyn remembers that his brother was a Maester, but he had figured that he’d been assigned somewhere.

After getting settled in their rooms, Alyn and Osric decide to do a little shopping down by the Guild Halls. Perwyn and Alex decide to do a little investigating in the pub, and Mallador heads down to the Library to do some research on the Greyscale affliction.

Alyn & Osric – The two head to the Guild Halls and after some serious haggling get some discounted weapons and armor for 15% the going rate. They seem to be well-liked by the Guildmasters.

Alex & Perwyn – The two try to find out about the Grimms, but don’t really get any new information. Only the old stuff; that the Grimm’s are ruthless sailors who defend Highgarden from the Ironborn. Alex specifically asks some Acolytes if they know of any relationship between Archmaester Smithwist and Guthor Grimm (non-sexually), but the Acolytes take it the wrong way and joke about it. They say they always figured that Smithwist was a little effeminate. Alex chuckles it off, then stares daggers so they shut the hell up. Then he lightens the mood by buying a round. Meanwhile, Perwyn tries to seduce Emma again, but farts and she almost throws him out of the bar. Perwyn does ask about his brother, Willamen. Emma tells him that he’ll likely be present the following day, as his usual custom.

Maester Mallador – Mallador is in the Library pouring over some books. By this time it is close to 11 O’clock. He is interrupted by Maester Brahm, who tells him that Archmaester Smithwist requests his presence at his home. Mallador agrees to go. Brahm takes Mallador to a stone mansion located in a lavish section of the Citadel campus. Outside stands a lone guard of the City Watch, who let’s the two enter. Archmaester Smithwist, appearing tired (especially compared to his energetic greeting earlier in the day) greets Mallador. He asks Mallador if he’d like some of Maester Brahm’s mulled wine. Mallador declines and Archmaester Smithwist dismisses Maester Brahm for the evening. Brahm wishes the two goodnight and vanishes up some stairs. Once out of earshot, Smithwist tells Mallador that Brahm has been a loyal servant to Smithwist, and that he makes an excellent steward. But it’s likely that’s all he’ll ever be as he is a little too mild mannered to make himself known in the Order.

Anyhow, Smithwist goes on to tell Mallador that he believes he is innocent. Smithwist had been keeping tabs on Mallador since being sent to Castle Ondrew. Lord Osfred, knowing that Mallador was a liability also kept a close eye on him. But, Smithwist heard nothing but wonderful things about Mallador from Lord Osfred. Smithwist poses a rhetorical question to Mallador, “Why would you dabble in this affair once again? Especially since you have been caught once before?” Before Mallador can answer he says, “You wouldn’t.”

He goes on to say that he believes that Mallador, Smithwist, and Guthor Grimm are all being set up. That the truth about Archmaester Smithwist and Lord Grimm would come out in the subsequent investigation and would ruin him. Smithwist tells Mallador that Guthor has no knowledge of his theory. Once Guthor arrives in two days time, the three of them will launch their own investigation into the matter. He tells Mallador that no trial is to take place and that once Guthor is told of his opinion, he will certainly agree. Smithwist reiterates to Mallador that he truly believes that he is being used as a pawn to expose Lord Guthor and Archmaester Smithwist. And he apologizes.

While Mallador is happy that Smithwist agrees with you, it is certainly disquieting to hear someone is using him. The Archmaester tells Mallador he has no idea who could be behind all of it, but that he “has his ways of finding things out.” After a short discussion of some off-topic maester stuff, Smithwist begins to yawn and complain of being “so very tired.” He does look exhausted and Mallador can’t really blame him. A lot must be on his mind. He calls for Maester Brahm to escort Mallador out. He tells him to return here two days at sundown. Guthor Grimm will certainly have arrived by then. Archmaester bids Mallador a good night. Mallador heads back to the Quill and Tankard. He tries to get some sleep.

The next morning the group breaking their fast. Alyn does not look well. Mallador relays the information he learned the previous night to the Inner Circle. Suddenly Maester Smithwist enters the Quill and Tankard and informs the party that Archmaester Smithwist has died in sleep.

Alyn tells the party something awful. He has had a bad dream. In the dream he saw Lord Osfred getting ill, screaming out in pain. Maester Orchid watched, but did nothing to help. Lord Osfred’s greyscale turned him to stone as he screamed out in terror. Alyn awoke.

This is where we ended our story. For rewards each party member earns 2 Experience Points and 1 Destiny Point.

Episode Six: A Fire Thorn in Follard's Side

Our episode begins with the members of the Inner Circle in the catacombs of Castle Valyr, the seat of House Follard. They have decided to aide House Follard by sneaking in the stronghold’s aqueducts to rescue Lord Jamus from the clutches of a Sellsword army assault.

They have been unable to locate Lord Jamus in the catacombs and have been tied up with some sellswords and a well-to-do knight. Meanwhile, Perwyn Frey has been doing some investigation in the catacombs and has found an odd crypt. More importantly the wall behind the crypt contains a slit the size of the sword. Perwyn was trying to fiddle with it before being summoned by the rest of the Inner Circle.

The rest of the party has breached a room and have learned the sellswords are apparently being led by Osra Firethorn of House Firethorn, Uncle to Osric Firethorn. With him is his Knight Protector Liam Sevens and several other Sellswords. Osric demands to know who the Inner Circle is. But before they say anything Osra notices the Redrill coat of arms and immediately recognizes it. He brings up his brother Omin Firethorn and mentions that he perished at the Battle of the Trident. Alex acknowledges Omin as a loyal knight to Lord Osfred Redrill and that he died valiantly on the banks of the river. He also introduces Osric and informs Osra that he is Omin’s son.

Osra is delighted to hear that Omin had a son who had become a squire to the heir of House Redrill. An intrigue commences between Osra and Osric. Osra tries to beckon Osric to come with him where he belongs and that the honor of House Firethorn is at stake. At the same time Osric tries to get information from Osra as to why he has attacked House Follard. Osra wins the Intrigue pretty easily, and Osric is sympathetic to Lord Osra. Alex attempts to get information from Lord Osra and succeeds.

Here’s what he learns.

House Firethorn is a very old House from the Crownlands. Since the beginning they’ve been a fledgling house, barely on to their small patch of lands located North of Duskendale. Their founding Knight was Ossel Firethorn, a knight sworn to the Targaryen Conquest. Ossel aided Aegon in his Conquest of Westeros. It was said that the knight Ossel was a “thorn in the side” of the opposition and was named “Firethorn” by the Conqueror. Along with the name, Aegon bestowed Ossel Firethorn his own lands and holdings. As part of his holding, he recieved a Valyrian Steel Blade from Aegon. The blade was called Roseblood and was the centerpiece to the House’s fortune.
In the battles to follow, Ossel was slain in Battle and the Valyrian steel so dearly treasured was taken from his dead clutches. It was unknown as to who took the treasured blade. For generations House Firethorn continued to weaken. Losing a grip on his house Osra commissioned his Maester to research the possible whereabouts of the sword, knowing it could restore some glory to House Firethorn.
Maester Ronaldus’s research brought him to Oldtown and after two years discovered a text that the blade was perhaps given to Lord Karl Follard as a gift by his heir Kyle Follard, for slaying the Firethorn lord in battle. The text was deemed valid by the Citedel’s Archmaester of Records.
Osra Firethorn recalled Maester Ronaldus, who counselled him to send a ravven to Lord Jamus Follard and plead that the sword be returned to it’s rightful owner. In return the Osra would offer his daughter Olivia’s hand in marriage to Lord Jamus’s son Patrick. Lord Jamus insists he has no knowledge of any Valyrian Blade, assuring Osra that he is an honorable man and that keeping such a relic would go against his nature.
Osra Firethorn does not believe Lord Jamus’s answer. This time he sends an envoy consisting of Maester Ronaldus and his daughter Olivia. Maester Ronaldus provides Lord Jamus the document proving that House Follard has possession of Roseblood. Osra offers to pay for the blade with both his daughters hand and a hefty sum of gold dragons. Jamus Follard responds with a threat, saying the next envoy that was sent would not return. After not receiving help from his Liege Lord or the Hand of the King, Osra decided to take it upon himself to hire a Sellsword company and attack the Follard’s if they do not release the sword. After they were denied, the Sellswords launched an attack on Castle Valyr, which brings us to where we are now.

Alyn notices a closed door and hears some muffled voices. Osra opens it and reveals a couple of Sellswords and a Maester (who turns out to be Maester Ronaldus) interrogating another Maester. There’s also an Old Crone and a young boy. The young boy turns out to be Jamus Follard’s son Patrick, the heir to House Follard.

The Inner Circle makes a deal with Osra Firethorn. If they can help mediate the issue with the Valyrian blade, Osra must withdraw the sellsword company. He agrees. But first the Inner Circle needs to find Jamus Follard.

Perwyn Frey mentions the strange wall behind one of the statues. The Inner Circle investigates and they soon discover that only the statue’s sword will fit in the slit in the wall. Alyn calls Logain, his mute buddy for his brute strength with pulling the “sword from the stone.” Logain suceeds and gives the stone sword to Alyn. Alyn pops it in the slit and the wall behind the statue opens revealing a darkened path.

Some of the Inner Circle make their way in where they are greeted by a knight dressed in House Follard colors. He is poised to attack but relents when members of the Inner Circle inform him that they have come to help Lord Jamus. They also tell the guard that they have his son Patrick and that he is safe. Lord Jamus pops out and agrees to go with the Inner Circle.

He is brought to the fountain where he meets Osra Firethorn. Jamus becomes enraged and attempts to go at Osra. They almost come to blows, but the two are separated. Osra Firethorn asks for the Valyrian blade but is spurned once again by Jamus Follard. The Inner Circle begins an Intrigue with Lord Jamus on where the Valyrian blade might be. Lord Jamus is told that if Roseblood is handed over to the Firethorn’s, then no more harm will come to Castle Valyr and it’s people. Once again Jamus tells everyone that he doesn’t have any sword.

Suddenly, Perwyn Frey interrupts with news that he’s found another “sliding wall” but this time it requires some kind of key to open. All eyes turn to Lord Jamus, where he says he has no idea of any key or sliding wall. He insists that Castle Valyr has many secret passages. The group escorts Lord Jamus to the wall in question and the Inner Circle persuades him to open the door.

Lord Jamus pulls a key from his britches and reluctantly opens the sliding wall. The group makes it’s way down a passage. At the end of a passage is a darkened room. A few lit torches reveal a sarcophagus and a gold encrusted box about the length of a sword at the front of it. The writings on the sarcophagus read “Lord Karl Follard”. There appears to be some words on the adjoining box, but they are in a language not understood by most. Maester Mallador reads and reveals the word “Quick Hands”.

Upon inspection of the box, it reveals to be booby trapped. After a thievery check the box is open revealing a spinning blade contraption surrounding a sword. This is the Valyrian Blade Roseblood. Alex is cut as he opens the box and Perwyn retrieves the sword with a Quickness skill check. The sword is beautiful and Perwyn admires it as he hands it to Osra Firethorn. Osra takes one look at it and with tears in his eyes stuffs it in a scabbard. He looks at Lord Jamus who is fuming. “This could have been avoided had you let the sword come back to it’s rightful owner!”

The Inner Circle asks Osric to withdraw his men from Castle Valyr. Lord Jamus exclaims that House Redrill will feel the wrath of the Hand of the King for assisting in an attack on a House governed directly by the Iron Throne.

Alex and Alyn tell Jamus that it was not them who attacked, rather them who changed the outcome and limited any further casualties and damage. As the Inner Circle makes it’s way out they are blocked by the Old Crone.

She is pointing at the Inner Circle and tells them of the “Green Dream” she had the night before. In the dream the Inner Circle is on a large ship travelling down a river of blood. The river is harsh and choppy. The ship hits some large rocks and the members of the Inner Circle are thrown from the vessel. A flock of predator birds swoops down to prey on them who turned to fish once they hit the river of blood.

The dream ends and so does our adventure.

Each party member earns 100 Gold Dragons, 4 Experience Points, 2 Glory Points, and 1 Destiny Point. Excellent work!

Episode Five: Fire in the Crypt

The Inner Circle having successfully protected the ambush against the Grimm’s, are finally on their way to Bitterbridge. The main party has finally met up with the squad of archers, the squad of guerillas, and Perwyn Frey. Their path takes them down the Roseroad through the Crownlands, a portion of Westeros governed by the Iron Throne.

On the second evening of the journey the party stumbles upon three men (one of them badly injured) coming from the direction they are heading. The three men attempt to flee seeing the two squads of Redrill soldiers. Part of the Inner Circle makes chase and eventually trips into the men. The injured man is losing consciousness and needs immediate attention.

Maester Mallador treats the injured man who tells the party that the wound is stabilized, but the man will probably lose his leg. The men eventually see that the Redrill/Grimm party are not out to get them and plead for their help. They are from House Follard (retconned from House Cave) of the Crownlands. The leader of the three men is the Master-of-Arms from House Follard. He tells the Inner Circle that Castle Valyr (seat of House Follard) has been attacked by a small army of sellswords led by a noble, a knight, and possibly a maester of the Citadel. He goes on to say he has no idea why they were attacked, saying there were no terms delivered to Lord Jamus Follard.

He continues, telling them that the castle walls were breached and was taken in the night. Many survivors scattered from the castle (including the three men) and they were hoping to find help. The Master-at-arms reveals that Lord Jamus had retreated to Castle Valyr’s catacombs, a crypt to the stronghold which was sealed off underground. The Master-At-Arms (seeing the small force of Redrill soldiers) pleads that they help them.

He says that if the Redrill Archers and Guerillas could create a diversion with a frontal attack, the Inner Circle could sneak in through some aqueducts (located in the rear of the castle) down to the crypts where a rescue of Lord Jamus could be made.

Alyn and Alex both agree that this would be good for the House if the rescue was successful. After all, rescuing a House Lord of the Crownlands would have it’s benefits. The rest of the party follows suit. Using his knowledge of strategy of war, Mallador devises a plan of attack to divert the attention of the sellswords by attacking from the trees using some fire arrows from the Archers and Guerillas. The Grimms do not put up a fuss with the Redrill’s decision to help, however they will not assist in the rescue.

The plan is underway. As the arrows start to fly from the treeline, the Inner Circle successfully sneak in through the aqueducts and end up down the crypts. The tunnel leading into the crypt is dank and as soon as they make their way in, they notice corpses. The crypt is not well lit but they can tell there are some Follard bodies as well as some sellsword bodies too. It’s clear, a battle ensued down here.

The party does some stealthy searching and hear hounds sniffing the catacombs. After trying to sneak around they soon realize they will have to make a stand themselves. The hounds come bounding around a corner. But the Inner Circle make easy work of them and their handler due to some good strategizing and fine archery. But the jig is up and soon the party is dealing with Sellswords that have come out of a room with some hefty doors. The doors are shut and secured before the Inner Circle can attempt to enter. Fighting alongside the Sellswords is a knight who appears to be well armed and armored.

The battle begins….

Perwyn Frey decides that the rest of the Inner Circle has the fight under control and decides to do a little exploring of the crypts on his own. Most of the crypts are of Follard ancestors, but he notices one statue of a knight marked as “The Guardian”, without any name attached to it. This is intriguing to Perwyn so he does some digging around while the rest of the party is in the thick of it. He notices a little light seeping through a slit in a wall behind the statue. He removes his sword and puts it in, but it does not fit right and nothing happens.

Meanwhile the Inner Circle makes work of the sellswords. The double door swings back open and the knight is beckoned to return. The knight makes a quick maneuver and sprints his way into the room behind the door. Alex follows suit and blocks the door from being closed.

The doors swing open. Two sellswords are guarding a noble. He pleads with everyone to drop their weapons and the battle stops. Then, the noble introduces himself as Lord Osra of House Firethorn.

And everyone looks at Osric……..

Each member of the party earns the following rewards:
10 gold dragons
2 Experience Points
1 Glory Point

Episode Four: Mallador's Malaise

The Redrill Inner Circle acting on behalf of Lord Osfred comes to the decision that it would be best to tackle the issue with Mallador and the Grimm’s head on. But Lord Osfred is still suffering from the effects of the Greyscale. He is in need of constant attention from Maester Mallador.

In order for the Inner Circle of House Redrill to begin the journey to Castle Grimston located on Greyshield of the Shield Islands, a Maester (preferably one skilled in the arts of healing) must be present to take care of Lord Osfred in Mallador’s absence.

Maester Mallador suggests that he be the one to send a raven to the Citadel in Oldtown with a message. This message is for the eyes of Archmaester Smithwist, a senior member of the Order who has a seat in the Conclave. It is Archmaester Smithwist who Mallador discovered was having a secret affair with the Lord of House Grimm, Guthor Grimm. In it Mallador informs Smithwist that he is being framed for the same crime he was guilty of years back. Mallador uses wording that if a raven is shot from the sky the unintended reader will not know what exactly is being explained. Maester Smithwist on the other hand will understand fully. He’ll suggest to the Archmaester that he needs to remedy this problem but cannot leave his ailing Lord. As Archmaester Smithwist specializes in healing, he will need to send one of his proteges to care for Lord Osfred. Of course, Mallador mentions that he still remembers the arrangement and that the sensitive information he knows would no doubt damage the reputation of Archmaester Smithwist.

The Grimm Brothers Gerarth and Gregor, having been told of Lord Osfred’s true ailment, have agreed to this arrangement. They will await the Raven in the hopes that Oldtown will send a Maester to care for Osfred in Mallador’s absence. While Gregor (the quiet and larger twin) constantly thumbs his sword hilt, Gerarth (the obvious brains of the Grimm brothers) explains that they will travel to Saltpans to secure a ship. They will then sail South to King’s Landing, making a stop off for supplies for the two week march to Tumblestone where a Grimm ship will be waiting to take them down the Mander to the Shield Islands. The total travel time will be roughly three weeks, if good march and sail can be made.

As we begin our adventure, a white raven of Oldtown arrives to the Redrill rookery. The message is addressed to Mallador. He opens it, reads it, and informs the players that Archmaester Smithwist has agreed to help the players by sending them a Maester to care for Lord Osfred. Maester Orchid, in service to Lord Borin of House Terrick was dispatched to assist House Redrill while they travelled South. Archmaester Smithwist insists the Maester Orchid is a capable healer and that sending him makes the most sense seeing it won’t burden the Terrick’s much as they two houses are so close in proximity.

The Inner Circle decides to charge Septon Basil Stoddard as the Steward to House Redrill in their absence. Maester Orchid arrives the next day and is briefed on Lord Osfred’s condition. Mallador and Orchid come to an agreement on treating Osfred’s greyscale affliction. The Inner Circle gets to work on travel plans. They will travel lightly, but will be accompanied by a squad of Archers and a Squad of the Garrison to act as guards. This cost the House 1 Wealth Point (which I adjusted on the House’s page.)

The Inner Circle plus the Grimm party of eight depart for Saltpans where they are to board a few ships that will take them to King’s Landing. Perwyn Frey, still a bit ostracized due to his actions at the Inn of the Kneeling Man is charged with leading the two squads of Redrill guards. They are to travel on a second ship and meet at a rendezvous point outside of the city. The parties arrive at Saltpans where two ships await them. They board and set sail without problems.

As the the ships sail south west towards Blackwater Bay they see the island of Dragonstone , the seat of Stannis Baratheon (brother to the King and Master of Ships). In the late afternoon a foul smell wafts onto the deck of the ship. The know they are nearing King’s Landing and Blackwater Bay comes into view shortly thereafter.


The ship transporting Perwyn Frey and the two squads of Redrill soldiers sail up the Blackwater Rush towards the rendezvous point. The main party’s ship Captain sails Northeast of the city to the Iron Gate. Pulling into the quiet dock they are instructed by the Gold Cloaks that they are to be searched for illegal contraband. The ship’s Captain concedes and the Gold Cloaks board the ship. All seems normal and the party is about to debark when suddenly a conflict between one of the Gold Cloaks and the Grimm Brothers breaks out. The Captain of the Gold Cloaks (an older gentleman) recognizes the Grimm banner from the days of Robert’s Rebellion. He recalls the atrocities that the Grimm’s committed during Robert’s Rebellion. He explains that the Grimms (who were seafaring bannermen to the Tyrells) regularly set innocent homes and villages to the torch and murdered their inhabitants during the Rebellion. Tensions and tempers are really staring to flare. Gregor puts his hand on his sword hilt and steps up to the veteran Captain of the Guard. Gerarth holds back Gregor, insisting that any horrors that had been done to the Lannisters in war-time were over. The Grimm’s were now loyal to the crown.

The Gold Cloak Captain asks what the Grimm’s are doing in King’s Landing and who the Inner Circle is. Gregor Grimm says that it is none of his business and some pushing and shoving commences. The Inner Circle tries to break up the fight. While Alex and Alyn attempt to break up the fight, Osric notices a beautifully crafted dagger sheathed at the leg of the Captain of the Gold Cloaks. After an excellent Stealth check by Osric, he is able to steal the dagger without being seen. (Pretty sweet move!)

The tempers cool, but the Captain of the Guard tells the Grimm’s to watch their backs. The party finally debarks. The plan is that Gerarth and Gregor Grimm will secure supplies for the two week march to Tumblestone; the place where they will get another ship to sail down the Mander. They will stay overnight at an “Inn” on the Street of Silk. Maester Mallador confirms this is a street filled with brothels. The Grimm’s (being stuck in a brothel-less Redrill land) are really looking to scratch that itch. Mallador explains the higher up the hill, the nicer the brothels become. It appears the Grimm’s have one brothel in mind for themselves and encourage the Redrill Inner Circle to find one to their “liking”.

On the Street of Silk Alex recognizes someone in clothing of nobility outside of a brothel. It turns out to be Petyr Baelish who sort of recognizes Alex and the Redrills. Petyr recommends one of his more moderately-priced brothels called the “Red Candle” about halfway up the hill. Alex asks Petyr to give his regards to Barriston Selmy, who Petyr says is away on a hunting trip with King Robert.

The Inner Circle enters and secure some rooms for the night. They come back down to where a barkeep is serving ale and and wine. The women are circling. The Inner Circle partake in the wine and women. Well, everyone except for Mallador, who just wishes to rest and read in his room. After the Inner Circle takes care of business they eventually end up downstairs again to talk about their “experiences”. This time there is another patron. He is alone in the corner and eyes the Inner Circle. He’s dressed in Soldier’s garb colored blood red. The party agrees to chat him up. It turns out to be Addam Marbrand, who was a former page to Tywin Lanniser and close friend to his son, the Kinglslayer Jaime.

Alex intrigues it up and wins big time. Addam Marbrand likes the Redrill party and they begin chatting. Alex tells Addam of the Grimm’s, the reason behind the journey to King’s Landing, them having to break up a fight with the Grimm’s and the Gold Cloaks, and maybe a little bit too much. Addam tells the party that the Gold Cloaks have become large in size but very undisciplined thanks to their leader Janos Slynt, whom Marbrand feels should be replaced. He goes on to tell the Inner Circle that Guthor Grimm and his sons aren’t to be trusted, citing Robert’s Rebellion among other stories. Alex thanks Addam for the information and they depart on good terms.

The next morning the Grimm’s and the Inner Circle meet up. They are concerned that three of their guards had gone missing in the night. After searching they come up empty and decide that the missing guards were probably tempted by the vices of King’s Landing and chose to desert the Grimm’s. Gerarth Grimm insists they cannot wait any longer and need to leave, as the supplies are to be delivered via wagon on the outskirts of the city.

They depart the city and arrive to the meeting point where a wagon led by horse is sitting beside the road. A driver of the carriage sits and waves to the party. Gerarth instructs the three remaining Grimm guards to make sure all goods are present.

One of the party members notices movement inside the cart behind the canvas, but it is too late. An ambush has begun. Six or seven bandits pour out of the carriage. The three Grimm guards are killed by crossbow bolts instantly. The driver also brandishes a crossbow and instructs the Redrill’s to leave. It is curious that they know the Redrill’s by name. The driver goes on to say that they wouldn’t be harmed if they handed the Grimm’s over to them.

The Grimm’s slowly back up behind the Redrill party for protection. The Inner Circle decides to help the Grimm’s in their time of need and a fight breaks out. Osric takes some damage, and once again the party blames Alex for allowing his squire to have such crappy armor. But the Redrill’s and Grimm’s are too much for the bandits. They keep one alive who tells them that Addam Marbrand sent them to kill the Grimm’s.

The adventure comes to a close with a discussion on how to proceed……..

The party earns the following rewards (except Perwyn):
- 50 Gold Pieces
- 2 Experience Points

Episode Three: Osric's Close Call & The Brothers Grimm

This episode begins with Lord Osfred and his Inner Circle on their journey back to Castle Ondrew. They have just been personally honored for uncovering a plot by a rogue Maester who was trying to create war between House Tullison and House Dulver. The crisis was averted and some Ironmen were killed in the process thanks to the help of the Inner Circle. Relations with the Tully’s are at their highest.

The party is on the Kingsroad and the sun is setting. The rains and wind are really starting to pick up, so Lord Osfred orders that the party stop at the Inn of the Kneeling Man, an inn that is located near the spot where King Torrhen Stark bent the knee to Aegon I. The main building sits along the shore where the Trident bends. It has long, low wings that stretch out. The lower story is made of grey stone, the upper one of whitewashed wood. Its roof is slate and has a stables and an arbor. It reportedly brewed a good ale. Above its door is a painted sign of a king on his knees.

The party secures their horses in the stables and enters the inn, deciding that a flagon of their famous hearty ale and a seat by the fire would do good before they inquire about booking a room. The inn is bustling with traveller’s and the fireplace is roaring. The party takes a seat at a large table next to the fire and a wench immediately brings ale.

Alyn notices that there is another party of adventurers seated next to them at a table and two other tables on the other side of the room. After close inspection, some of traveller’s appear to be knights brandishing swords, while some have instruments and appear to be mummers. All but two of them (who are quiet and reserved) are enjoying themselves thoroughly. Soon enough, the two parties become one big party as the Osfred and his Inner Circle make new friends.

It is revealed that the traveller’s are one big mummers troupe. The musicians are the musical enjoyment and the knights play the part of martial enjoyment, who fight with tourney swords for money. They travel the kingsroad stopping off in different towns and castles.

Maester Mallador becomes very intoxicated, while the others are just a little light in the head. Aleksander notices one of the mummers (who is quite fair) eyeing him from the other side of the room. He beckons his squire Osric to play his wingman in the hopes that Osric will learn something from the party casanova.

Soon enough the mummers break out their instruments and start playing. The ale has impaired the minstrels ability to play their instruments at the best of their ability, or so it seems. Nevertheless a crowd gathers. Little do they know, Alex and Osric have been surrounded. In a flash, the two quiet mummers pull out stillettos and announce “The boy!” and nod towards Osric, who is caught off guard.

It has turned into a fight…..

The knights brandish their swords (which are definitely not tourney swords) and come at Lord Osfred’s party. The woman singer and one of the other musicians flee through a hallway never to be seen again. The third musician pulls out a Bravoosi blade and goes to battle with Lord Osfred. A battle ensues, and three of the enemies surround Osric and gang up on him. He is hit with three different blows but they do minimal damage to him. Using his acrobatic ability he hops up on the table and attempts to attack. Failing to hit his foes, he is still able to keep the assassins from following him up the table. Meanwhile, Alex comes to his aid and is able to kill some of the assassins. Maester Mallador is hit with a grievous wound and is forced to flee from the inn.

While Perwyn Frey and Alex take care of business on the other side of the room, Lord Osfred is in a fierce battle. One of the adventurers (Alex?) comes to his fathers aid and slays the fierce fighter. In his death throes, the assassin drops his blade and removes his gloves. The flesh on his fingers are gray and flaky. In an instant he falls at Lord Osfred who goes to catch him. The enemy reaches up and scratches Osfred at the ear, cutting him. Osfred, sensing his attacker was inflicted with the Greyscale disease, falls back in a panic.

The Inner Circle is able to fend off all of the mummers. They are all dead, save for one, who’s leg was severed above the knee. He is bleeding out. Maester Mallador (himself bleeding) is called back in. He cauterizes the wound of the attacker with a hot sword in an effort to keep him alive for interrogation. The attacker passes out from the pain but is immediately woken up. Osric (pissed he was the target of assassination) puts his sword to the throat of the attacker and tells him that he will kill him unless he spills the information on why he was attacked.

The assassin claims that he had no knowledge of why they were targeting Osric and that the boss (musician with the Greyscale) had been paid of by an unknown man. He pleaded with the party that he had not been paid yet, but he knew the leader had. The idea of gold excites the party and they carefully search the dead assassin leader, noting to not touch his skin. They find a secret pouch sewn under his leather jerkin. It is cut loose and gold spills out.

While this is happening, Perwyn Frey walks over and kneels beside the man and puts his dagger through the middle of his throat. The assassin chokes on his own blood and dies slowly. The barkeep is horrified by this act of cruelty and tells the party to leave. He swears to tell of the bloodthirsty nature of House Redrill to all patrons and traveller’s passing through. Alex tries to tell the barkeep that Perwyn is “just a Frey” and not a Redrill. The barkeep asks them to leave, which they do. The party travels through the night and the next day before they reach Castle Ondrew.

Weeks later……

Lord Osfred has been touch by the Greyscale disease. Maester Mallador has kept him in confinement and treats the Lord with natural remedies in an attempt to stop the spread, which has infected his ear. It is possible that Mallador may have to cut the infected ear off if it continues to spread. Mallador constantly checks on Lord Osfred and attends to him hourly.

He tells the Inner Circle that his disease is to be kept hidden from everyone, so as to not create fear and panic from his people. Osfred fears that people would flee and relocate if it got out. Only the Inner Circle is to know.

Lord Osfred informs Aleksander that he is to take care of his affairs and serve as Head of the Household while he recovers. This angers Alyn, who believes he should have been named Castellan being his trueborn son. Alex tries to include his brother in the plans, but Alyn isn’t going for it. Alyn tells Alex that while he was away gallavanting at tourneys making a name for himself, Alyn was learning the ways of lordship from his father. Alex is a little annoyed but resolves to keep his brother in the loop.

Life goes on, and wounds and injuries are healed. A minor feast is held to celebrate the engagement of Ser Perwyn Frey and Lady Elaine Redrill. The feast is interrupted by Silas the Cat, who informs Ser Aleksander that a party of eight travellers demand an audience with Lord Osfred. Silas tells them that the sigil bears an iron escutcheon with silver studs on a grey-green field strewn with longships proper.

Mallador knows that this is the sigil of House Grimm, a banner house of the Tyrell’s of the Reach. Silas says that they claim to have travelled a long journey and seek immediate business. Alex agrees to meet with them and invites Alyn and Mallador to join the meeting which is to take place in Osfred’s solar. Osric and Perwyn stay and feast.

Gerarth and Gregor Grimm, the twin sons of Lord Guthor Grimm enter with six knights in tow. They are quick and to the point. Gerarth does all of the talking and asks for a private audience with Lord Osfred. Alex informs Gerarth that Osfred is ill, but does not tell him of the Greyscale infliction. Alex tells Gerarth that he is acting as Lord of the Household in his fathers stead. Gerarth asks Alex to meet with him alone, asking for Maester Mallador and Alyn to leave.

Alex agrees and tries to dismiss Mallador and Alyn. Mallador refuses and says he will not leave. Alex is perplexed and presses Mallador not to offend their guests. Once again, Mallador refuses to leave. Alyn is loving the bickering (Matt, I added that for flavor) Knowing that Mallador will not leave, Gerarth informs Alex that he has in fact travelled from the Reach because of the Maester. Shocked, Alex asks Gerarth to explain.

Gerarth goes on to tell the story of a younger Mallador, who was former Maester to House Grimm before he was dismissed due to an elaborate scheme to cheat honest people out of their money. Gerarth tells Alex and Alyn that Mallador ran a “Triangular Scheme” (aka Pyramid scheme) on the people of the Grimm domain. He used a phony fishing fleet to cheat investors out of hundreds of gold dragons before being dismissed. It is unclear as to why Mallador got off so easily and that a reassignment to House Redrill by the Citadel seemed to be unfair punishment to Mallador.

Mallador denies the accusation. Gerarth replies that Mallador is likely cheating House Redrill out of their gold.

But Gerarth hasn’t come because of the past. He is here because of the present. It is said that Mallador is still profiting from the Triangular Scheme and he has proof. A parchment is provided detailing the names of those who have lost money to Mallador (allegedly). Mallador denies the charge vigorously and repeatedly, but does recognize some of the names on the parchment.

Gerarth insists that Mallador is guilty and that they are here to take Mallador as prisoner back to Castle Grimston to answer to his crimes. Mallador tells Alex there is no way he is going back there and that he is innocent. Alex informs the Grimms that he will need to complete his own investigation before agreeing to anything. He tells them that he will need one week to decide on the best course of action. Gerarth is not happy about this but relents.

Alex orders that the Grimm party be given lodging in the Castle. The Grimm party is ushered out and they join in the feast, which is wrapping up. Lady Elaine is excited to see some new men and Perwyn tries to keep his bride-to-be away from them. He ushers her out. Osric, the Squire (who looks like he’s gone 8 rounds with a bear) is mocked by some of the Grimm knights. Osric makes some comment about the Grimm knights mother as he exits.

Alex summons the Inner Circle to discuss the issue with Mallador. They assemble in Osfred’s solar. Alex pleads with Mallador to tell the truth and says that keeping the truth from them would only cause more problems. After realizing his “Grimm” situation, Mallador tells the Inner Circle of the original Triangular Scheme and that he was in fact reassigned by the Citadel after it’s discovery. But he vehemently denies the latest accusation that he is still profiting. He claims that someone is trying to frame him.

(I am adding this!)
Alyn asks Mallador how he got off so easily and why he was not tried and put to the sword after the first discovery of the Triangular scheme. Mallador tells the group that he knew of a sexual relationship between an influential Maester of the Citadel and Guthor Grimm. Mallador had told both the Maester and Lord Guthor that he would spread the tale of their forbidden relationship if he was not reassigned to some place far away. Both relented and he was sent away immediately. Mallador’s account was seized and he never even saw one coin of gold. He adds that he had learned his lesson and has been nothing but served his lord as a Maester of the Citadel.

The episode ends as the group decides what should be done with Maester Mallador and the Grimm brothers.

Is Mallador still profiting from the triangular scheme?
If not, who is trying to frame Mallador?
Will Mallador use the information he knows about Guthor Grimm?
What will the Inner Circle decide? Will they give Mallador to the Grimm’s and risk Osfred’s greyscale to worsen?

Experience Earned: 3 (each player)
Gold Earned: 8 GP (divied up 2 each, except for Perwyn, who gets none)
Destiny Points Earned: 1 (each player)
Loot: 4 long swords, 1 bravoosi blade, 4 stilettos
Heroic Favor: 1 Destiny Point Awarded to Perwyn for playing in-character so well.

Episode One: The Iron Plot

It is a pleasant time of year, with hunts and diversions of all sorts available to the nobles of Westeros. A good time for travel and King Robert’s forces see to it that the main roads are safe – or at least as safe as one traveling could expect. It is of little surprise then when guests arrive seeking respite and shelter. Most travelers have their bread and salt, rest, and then are on their way again in the morning, with none the wiser (or poorer) for their passing.

The Inner Circle of House Redrill breaks it’s fast in the Main hall when a messenger arrives bearing the badge of the House Liege Lord. In Hoster Tully’s absence he sends his son, Edmure Tully.

Tully arrives and gifts are presented to Lord Osfred. A feast is made in his honor. Salmon from the River Mudd are caught and served for the main course. In what appears to be a complete accident, Ser Edmure’s salmon was cooked with the hook. The meal is deemed to be inedible and out of respect for their lord, no other food besides bread and wine are consumed. Edmure announces that he is enroute to King’s Landing and will be staying for a few days to rest. He tours the Redrill domain during the afternoon and returns for his evening meal, which he elects to take in his quarters. A general feel of unease with our adventurers is present as they head to the local tavern to relax.

Not soon are they through their first cup of ale are they summoned back to the castle by Lord Osfred. They are brought into Osfred’s solar. He is not alone and Ser Edmure is with him. Edmure asks the adventurers if they are ready to serve him. He asks them to swear an oath, and all adventurers agree.

Ser Edmure tells the adventurers that the threat of war looms between House Dulver (a Lannister bannerhouse) and House Tullison (a Tully bannerhouse). The Hand of the King Jon Arryn decrees that any conflict that come to blows will be met with severe punishment. Edmure orders the adventurers to travel to the Deepmont, the domain of House Dulver and to find out if the Dulver’s plan on going to war with the Tullison’s and to act if necessary. Otherwise, they are to report back their findings to Lord Osfred.

They decide to mask their true intentions of a diplomacy mission. Instead they choose to make it look like they are intending to trade with Lord Harald Dulver. Preparations are made, a horse drawn cart is loaded with silver from the Redrill Mine and the adventurers depart the next morning.

After a few days of travel, the adventurers stumble upon three dead bodies who appear to have been murdered. The adventurers notice a trap and they encounter the very same bandits that killed the three victims. A fight ensues and the adventurers handily defeat the bandits. Upon a search of the bodies, it is discovered that the bodies are members of the Terrick Household, a Redrill ally and family connection. The bodies are loaded into the cart so that they can be treated in Stony Heath.

This ends our first adventure…..


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