Westeros Prime

Episode Five: Fire in the Crypt

The Inner Circle having successfully protected the ambush against the Grimm’s, are finally on their way to Bitterbridge. The main party has finally met up with the squad of archers, the squad of guerillas, and Perwyn Frey. Their path takes them down the Roseroad through the Crownlands, a portion of Westeros governed by the Iron Throne.

On the second evening of the journey the party stumbles upon three men (one of them badly injured) coming from the direction they are heading. The three men attempt to flee seeing the two squads of Redrill soldiers. Part of the Inner Circle makes chase and eventually trips into the men. The injured man is losing consciousness and needs immediate attention.

Maester Mallador treats the injured man who tells the party that the wound is stabilized, but the man will probably lose his leg. The men eventually see that the Redrill/Grimm party are not out to get them and plead for their help. They are from House Follard (retconned from House Cave) of the Crownlands. The leader of the three men is the Master-of-Arms from House Follard. He tells the Inner Circle that Castle Valyr (seat of House Follard) has been attacked by a small army of sellswords led by a noble, a knight, and possibly a maester of the Citadel. He goes on to say he has no idea why they were attacked, saying there were no terms delivered to Lord Jamus Follard.

He continues, telling them that the castle walls were breached and was taken in the night. Many survivors scattered from the castle (including the three men) and they were hoping to find help. The Master-at-arms reveals that Lord Jamus had retreated to Castle Valyr’s catacombs, a crypt to the stronghold which was sealed off underground. The Master-At-Arms (seeing the small force of Redrill soldiers) pleads that they help them.

He says that if the Redrill Archers and Guerillas could create a diversion with a frontal attack, the Inner Circle could sneak in through some aqueducts (located in the rear of the castle) down to the crypts where a rescue of Lord Jamus could be made.

Alyn and Alex both agree that this would be good for the House if the rescue was successful. After all, rescuing a House Lord of the Crownlands would have it’s benefits. The rest of the party follows suit. Using his knowledge of strategy of war, Mallador devises a plan of attack to divert the attention of the sellswords by attacking from the trees using some fire arrows from the Archers and Guerillas. The Grimms do not put up a fuss with the Redrill’s decision to help, however they will not assist in the rescue.

The plan is underway. As the arrows start to fly from the treeline, the Inner Circle successfully sneak in through the aqueducts and end up down the crypts. The tunnel leading into the crypt is dank and as soon as they make their way in, they notice corpses. The crypt is not well lit but they can tell there are some Follard bodies as well as some sellsword bodies too. It’s clear, a battle ensued down here.

The party does some stealthy searching and hear hounds sniffing the catacombs. After trying to sneak around they soon realize they will have to make a stand themselves. The hounds come bounding around a corner. But the Inner Circle make easy work of them and their handler due to some good strategizing and fine archery. But the jig is up and soon the party is dealing with Sellswords that have come out of a room with some hefty doors. The doors are shut and secured before the Inner Circle can attempt to enter. Fighting alongside the Sellswords is a knight who appears to be well armed and armored.

The battle begins….

Perwyn Frey decides that the rest of the Inner Circle has the fight under control and decides to do a little exploring of the crypts on his own. Most of the crypts are of Follard ancestors, but he notices one statue of a knight marked as “The Guardian”, without any name attached to it. This is intriguing to Perwyn so he does some digging around while the rest of the party is in the thick of it. He notices a little light seeping through a slit in a wall behind the statue. He removes his sword and puts it in, but it does not fit right and nothing happens.

Meanwhile the Inner Circle makes work of the sellswords. The double door swings back open and the knight is beckoned to return. The knight makes a quick maneuver and sprints his way into the room behind the door. Alex follows suit and blocks the door from being closed.

The doors swing open. Two sellswords are guarding a noble. He pleads with everyone to drop their weapons and the battle stops. Then, the noble introduces himself as Lord Osra of House Firethorn.

And everyone looks at Osric……..

Each member of the party earns the following rewards:
10 gold dragons
2 Experience Points
1 Glory Point



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