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Episode Four: Mallador's Malaise

The Redrill Inner Circle acting on behalf of Lord Osfred comes to the decision that it would be best to tackle the issue with Mallador and the Grimm’s head on. But Lord Osfred is still suffering from the effects of the Greyscale. He is in need of constant attention from Maester Mallador.

In order for the Inner Circle of House Redrill to begin the journey to Castle Grimston located on Greyshield of the Shield Islands, a Maester (preferably one skilled in the arts of healing) must be present to take care of Lord Osfred in Mallador’s absence.

Maester Mallador suggests that he be the one to send a raven to the Citadel in Oldtown with a message. This message is for the eyes of Archmaester Smithwist, a senior member of the Order who has a seat in the Conclave. It is Archmaester Smithwist who Mallador discovered was having a secret affair with the Lord of House Grimm, Guthor Grimm. In it Mallador informs Smithwist that he is being framed for the same crime he was guilty of years back. Mallador uses wording that if a raven is shot from the sky the unintended reader will not know what exactly is being explained. Maester Smithwist on the other hand will understand fully. He’ll suggest to the Archmaester that he needs to remedy this problem but cannot leave his ailing Lord. As Archmaester Smithwist specializes in healing, he will need to send one of his proteges to care for Lord Osfred. Of course, Mallador mentions that he still remembers the arrangement and that the sensitive information he knows would no doubt damage the reputation of Archmaester Smithwist.

The Grimm Brothers Gerarth and Gregor, having been told of Lord Osfred’s true ailment, have agreed to this arrangement. They will await the Raven in the hopes that Oldtown will send a Maester to care for Osfred in Mallador’s absence. While Gregor (the quiet and larger twin) constantly thumbs his sword hilt, Gerarth (the obvious brains of the Grimm brothers) explains that they will travel to Saltpans to secure a ship. They will then sail South to King’s Landing, making a stop off for supplies for the two week march to Tumblestone where a Grimm ship will be waiting to take them down the Mander to the Shield Islands. The total travel time will be roughly three weeks, if good march and sail can be made.

As we begin our adventure, a white raven of Oldtown arrives to the Redrill rookery. The message is addressed to Mallador. He opens it, reads it, and informs the players that Archmaester Smithwist has agreed to help the players by sending them a Maester to care for Lord Osfred. Maester Orchid, in service to Lord Borin of House Terrick was dispatched to assist House Redrill while they travelled South. Archmaester Smithwist insists the Maester Orchid is a capable healer and that sending him makes the most sense seeing it won’t burden the Terrick’s much as they two houses are so close in proximity.

The Inner Circle decides to charge Septon Basil Stoddard as the Steward to House Redrill in their absence. Maester Orchid arrives the next day and is briefed on Lord Osfred’s condition. Mallador and Orchid come to an agreement on treating Osfred’s greyscale affliction. The Inner Circle gets to work on travel plans. They will travel lightly, but will be accompanied by a squad of Archers and a Squad of the Garrison to act as guards. This cost the House 1 Wealth Point (which I adjusted on the House’s page.)

The Inner Circle plus the Grimm party of eight depart for Saltpans where they are to board a few ships that will take them to King’s Landing. Perwyn Frey, still a bit ostracized due to his actions at the Inn of the Kneeling Man is charged with leading the two squads of Redrill guards. They are to travel on a second ship and meet at a rendezvous point outside of the city. The parties arrive at Saltpans where two ships await them. They board and set sail without problems.

As the the ships sail south west towards Blackwater Bay they see the island of Dragonstone , the seat of Stannis Baratheon (brother to the King and Master of Ships). In the late afternoon a foul smell wafts onto the deck of the ship. The know they are nearing King’s Landing and Blackwater Bay comes into view shortly thereafter.


The ship transporting Perwyn Frey and the two squads of Redrill soldiers sail up the Blackwater Rush towards the rendezvous point. The main party’s ship Captain sails Northeast of the city to the Iron Gate. Pulling into the quiet dock they are instructed by the Gold Cloaks that they are to be searched for illegal contraband. The ship’s Captain concedes and the Gold Cloaks board the ship. All seems normal and the party is about to debark when suddenly a conflict between one of the Gold Cloaks and the Grimm Brothers breaks out. The Captain of the Gold Cloaks (an older gentleman) recognizes the Grimm banner from the days of Robert’s Rebellion. He recalls the atrocities that the Grimm’s committed during Robert’s Rebellion. He explains that the Grimms (who were seafaring bannermen to the Tyrells) regularly set innocent homes and villages to the torch and murdered their inhabitants during the Rebellion. Tensions and tempers are really staring to flare. Gregor puts his hand on his sword hilt and steps up to the veteran Captain of the Guard. Gerarth holds back Gregor, insisting that any horrors that had been done to the Lannisters in war-time were over. The Grimm’s were now loyal to the crown.

The Gold Cloak Captain asks what the Grimm’s are doing in King’s Landing and who the Inner Circle is. Gregor Grimm says that it is none of his business and some pushing and shoving commences. The Inner Circle tries to break up the fight. While Alex and Alyn attempt to break up the fight, Osric notices a beautifully crafted dagger sheathed at the leg of the Captain of the Gold Cloaks. After an excellent Stealth check by Osric, he is able to steal the dagger without being seen. (Pretty sweet move!)

The tempers cool, but the Captain of the Guard tells the Grimm’s to watch their backs. The party finally debarks. The plan is that Gerarth and Gregor Grimm will secure supplies for the two week march to Tumblestone; the place where they will get another ship to sail down the Mander. They will stay overnight at an “Inn” on the Street of Silk. Maester Mallador confirms this is a street filled with brothels. The Grimm’s (being stuck in a brothel-less Redrill land) are really looking to scratch that itch. Mallador explains the higher up the hill, the nicer the brothels become. It appears the Grimm’s have one brothel in mind for themselves and encourage the Redrill Inner Circle to find one to their “liking”.

On the Street of Silk Alex recognizes someone in clothing of nobility outside of a brothel. It turns out to be Petyr Baelish who sort of recognizes Alex and the Redrills. Petyr recommends one of his more moderately-priced brothels called the “Red Candle” about halfway up the hill. Alex asks Petyr to give his regards to Barriston Selmy, who Petyr says is away on a hunting trip with King Robert.

The Inner Circle enters and secure some rooms for the night. They come back down to where a barkeep is serving ale and and wine. The women are circling. The Inner Circle partake in the wine and women. Well, everyone except for Mallador, who just wishes to rest and read in his room. After the Inner Circle takes care of business they eventually end up downstairs again to talk about their “experiences”. This time there is another patron. He is alone in the corner and eyes the Inner Circle. He’s dressed in Soldier’s garb colored blood red. The party agrees to chat him up. It turns out to be Addam Marbrand, who was a former page to Tywin Lanniser and close friend to his son, the Kinglslayer Jaime.

Alex intrigues it up and wins big time. Addam Marbrand likes the Redrill party and they begin chatting. Alex tells Addam of the Grimm’s, the reason behind the journey to King’s Landing, them having to break up a fight with the Grimm’s and the Gold Cloaks, and maybe a little bit too much. Addam tells the party that the Gold Cloaks have become large in size but very undisciplined thanks to their leader Janos Slynt, whom Marbrand feels should be replaced. He goes on to tell the Inner Circle that Guthor Grimm and his sons aren’t to be trusted, citing Robert’s Rebellion among other stories. Alex thanks Addam for the information and they depart on good terms.

The next morning the Grimm’s and the Inner Circle meet up. They are concerned that three of their guards had gone missing in the night. After searching they come up empty and decide that the missing guards were probably tempted by the vices of King’s Landing and chose to desert the Grimm’s. Gerarth Grimm insists they cannot wait any longer and need to leave, as the supplies are to be delivered via wagon on the outskirts of the city.

They depart the city and arrive to the meeting point where a wagon led by horse is sitting beside the road. A driver of the carriage sits and waves to the party. Gerarth instructs the three remaining Grimm guards to make sure all goods are present.

One of the party members notices movement inside the cart behind the canvas, but it is too late. An ambush has begun. Six or seven bandits pour out of the carriage. The three Grimm guards are killed by crossbow bolts instantly. The driver also brandishes a crossbow and instructs the Redrill’s to leave. It is curious that they know the Redrill’s by name. The driver goes on to say that they wouldn’t be harmed if they handed the Grimm’s over to them.

The Grimm’s slowly back up behind the Redrill party for protection. The Inner Circle decides to help the Grimm’s in their time of need and a fight breaks out. Osric takes some damage, and once again the party blames Alex for allowing his squire to have such crappy armor. But the Redrill’s and Grimm’s are too much for the bandits. They keep one alive who tells them that Addam Marbrand sent them to kill the Grimm’s.

The adventure comes to a close with a discussion on how to proceed……..

The party earns the following rewards (except Perwyn):
- 50 Gold Pieces
- 2 Experience Points



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