Westeros Prime

Episode Nine: The Oldtown Conspiracy

Our adventure begins with the Inner Circle having been told two things.

1. Maester Brahm is dead. He was killed last night and strung up on the docks.
2. Septon Stoddard has written to them to inform them that Lord Osfred has been named Hand of the King, by King Robert Baratheon. The problem is, Basil has not seen Lord Osfred since Maester Orchid banned him from seeing the Lord of House Redrill.

The Inner Circle ponders their course of action. They decide to send a raven to Maester Orchid with the research Mallador found for the ancient eastern treatment of Lord Osfred’s Greyscale. They also plan to leave Oldtown as soon as possible. With this new information of Septon Stoddard not being able to reach Lord Osfred, the Inner Circle feels that he may be in danger.

Perwyn and Mallador enlist Willamen to help them get information about House Kytely. Lord Ambrose Kytely’s bastard, Tobias Kytely has shown up on the parchment. They find that House Kytely is a small and poor house in the Riverlands, situated close to the Twins. Lord Kytely is known to having fathered many children and follows the ambitions and style of his liege lord, Walder Frey. The more Kytely’s, the more prosperous the family will become. But nothing further is found out about his bastard, Tobias.

Alyn, Alex, and Osric make their way down to the docks and monitor the investigation being undertaken by the City Watch. Osric uses his street smarts and inquires with some locals, who inform him that Brahm was likely into the Bravoosi Black Trade and that’s why he was killed.

Alex secures a ship to take them up to Ironman’s Bay, where they are to depart and make haste for Castle Ondrew. These men look like interesting fellows. They charge a pretty penny to travel and require immediate payment to secure a spot on board. Alex pays.

Alyn notices that a member of the City Watch has taken an interest in them. The Sergeant seems to recognize them from the night before as he was present when the Inner Circle reported the attempt on their lives. They ask them to come along to visit the Lord of Hightower, as this matter of a City Watchman and a Maester being murdered is something that must be reported to the liege lord.


They are brought to the Hightower, which serves as seat to Lord Leyton Hightower. The tower shoots up towards the sky and the beacon atop blazes bright. Lord Leyton sends his third son, Gunthor Hightower to deal with the matter. Gunthor hears the story and decides it best to meet with the Seneschal, who is the Archmaester who governs the affairs of the Citadel. It is also the Archmaester who handles disciplinary affairs within the Order. Most Archmaesters consider it a thankless task that takes them away from their true calling. Like others who have been elected to this position, Maester Cripps is jaded by the appointment. He feels it is taking away from his studies, which happen to by Healing Arts. A City Watchman tells the Inner Circle members that he has the reputation to judge quickly during disciplinary hearings; mostly giving a guilty sentence. Meanwhile, Perwyn, Mallador, and Willamen are summoned to the Seschal’s Court as well. They arrive to see the Grimm’s, Alex, Alyn, and Osric waiting.

Archmaester Cripps is balding, and in his 60’s. His fat raven “Blackstar” is perched on his shoulder as he feeds it corn. He is finishing up with another case, sending a young novice to the Wall for a crime he was guilty of committing. Gunthor Hightower approaches the Seneschal and converses with him about the case and events. Seneschal Cripps then invites everyone into private chambers to discuss the matter.

In the chamber the evidence is brought forth. A new piece of evidence is presented – a blue vial and a note found on the body of Maester Brahm. The vial is examined by the Seneschal and the note is read aloud. The note incriminates Maester Mallador for being the mastermind behind the Triangle Scheme. Mallador asks to examine the evidence and discovers the purple ink is Bravoosi and not used by any Maester of Oldtown. Gerarth Grimm appeals to the Seneschal that Mallador is not guilty and is an honorable Maester. He then tells the story of how the Maester and his companions protected the Grimm Brothers outside of King’s Landing when they could have easily used that as a way out. Lord Guthor Grimm explains that both Smithwist had exonerated Mallador of any wrongdoing and that it was all a setup. Alex insists that the poison found on Brahm’s body could be used to prove that Brahm was into the Black Trade. That same poison could have been used to poison Archmaester Smithwist. Mallador concurs and tells the Seneschal about Smithwist’s rapid health decline and that everyone feels Brahm may have poisoned his master.

Seneschal Cripps rules that Mallador is found not guilty of the original crimes as there is sufficient evidence to show that he had nothing to do with the matter and for some reason was marked.

Mallador offers that the body of Smithwist be cut open and examined for evidence of poison. Some of the members of the Inner Circle find this to be an unnecessary measure, one that might delay their departure from Oldtown. Nevertheless, Seneschal Cripps agrees to the autopsy and asks Maester Mallador to assist. Mallador and Cripps cut open the belly of Smithwist and it is immediately revealed that his bowels had been liquified, which is caused by the poison Tears of Lys.

Another meeting takes place. Seneschal Cripps explains that along with the City Watch and Gunthor Hightower, the Citadel will launch a major investigation into the conspiracy. He tells the Grimm’s and the Redrill’s that it is better to leave Oldtown at once. All agree.

The next morning, the Grimm’s depart. On the docks, Guthor Grimm gives the Redrill party a Grimm banner as a token that the two houses shall always remain loyal to one another. The goodbye is emotional as the members of the two houses pay homage to each other. Guthor, his two sons, and a number of men board the Grimm flagship and set sail north.

The Redrill board their hired vessel and depart an hour later. Not far after they set sail, the Redrill ship notices the Grimm ship idle off to the Northwest. Sensing something is wrong, Alex orders the hired sailors to bring the ship alongside the Grimm vessel to see what is the matter. They agree under the agreement that they will be paid more. As the ship nears, they see a knight thrown overboard, who sinks in his armor. A mutiny is occuring.

Members of the Redrill party along with their forces board the massive Grimm flagship and begin hacking their way up to Lord Guthor and his two sons who are fighting for their lives. A fierce fight commences and the Redrill’s are able to dispel the mutiny. Gerarth Grimm is severely wounded, but is spared death by Mallador’s healing. The adventure ends with the Inner Circle once again having come to the rescue of the Grimm’s.

Reward: Each member of the party receives 4 Experience and 2 Glory.



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