Westeros Prime

Episode One: The Iron Plot

It is a pleasant time of year, with hunts and diversions of all sorts available to the nobles of Westeros. A good time for travel and King Robert’s forces see to it that the main roads are safe – or at least as safe as one traveling could expect. It is of little surprise then when guests arrive seeking respite and shelter. Most travelers have their bread and salt, rest, and then are on their way again in the morning, with none the wiser (or poorer) for their passing.

The Inner Circle of House Redrill breaks it’s fast in the Main hall when a messenger arrives bearing the badge of the House Liege Lord. In Hoster Tully’s absence he sends his son, Edmure Tully.

Tully arrives and gifts are presented to Lord Osfred. A feast is made in his honor. Salmon from the River Mudd are caught and served for the main course. In what appears to be a complete accident, Ser Edmure’s salmon was cooked with the hook. The meal is deemed to be inedible and out of respect for their lord, no other food besides bread and wine are consumed. Edmure announces that he is enroute to King’s Landing and will be staying for a few days to rest. He tours the Redrill domain during the afternoon and returns for his evening meal, which he elects to take in his quarters. A general feel of unease with our adventurers is present as they head to the local tavern to relax.

Not soon are they through their first cup of ale are they summoned back to the castle by Lord Osfred. They are brought into Osfred’s solar. He is not alone and Ser Edmure is with him. Edmure asks the adventurers if they are ready to serve him. He asks them to swear an oath, and all adventurers agree.

Ser Edmure tells the adventurers that the threat of war looms between House Dulver (a Lannister bannerhouse) and House Tullison (a Tully bannerhouse). The Hand of the King Jon Arryn decrees that any conflict that come to blows will be met with severe punishment. Edmure orders the adventurers to travel to the Deepmont, the domain of House Dulver and to find out if the Dulver’s plan on going to war with the Tullison’s and to act if necessary. Otherwise, they are to report back their findings to Lord Osfred.

They decide to mask their true intentions of a diplomacy mission. Instead they choose to make it look like they are intending to trade with Lord Harald Dulver. Preparations are made, a horse drawn cart is loaded with silver from the Redrill Mine and the adventurers depart the next morning.

After a few days of travel, the adventurers stumble upon three dead bodies who appear to have been murdered. The adventurers notice a trap and they encounter the very same bandits that killed the three victims. A fight ensues and the adventurers handily defeat the bandits. Upon a search of the bodies, it is discovered that the bodies are members of the Terrick Household, a Redrill ally and family connection. The bodies are loaded into the cart so that they can be treated in Stony Heath.

This ends our first adventure…..



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