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Episode Six: A Fire Thorn in Follard's Side

Our episode begins with the members of the Inner Circle in the catacombs of Castle Valyr, the seat of House Follard. They have decided to aide House Follard by sneaking in the stronghold’s aqueducts to rescue Lord Jamus from the clutches of a Sellsword army assault.

They have been unable to locate Lord Jamus in the catacombs and have been tied up with some sellswords and a well-to-do knight. Meanwhile, Perwyn Frey has been doing some investigation in the catacombs and has found an odd crypt. More importantly the wall behind the crypt contains a slit the size of the sword. Perwyn was trying to fiddle with it before being summoned by the rest of the Inner Circle.

The rest of the party has breached a room and have learned the sellswords are apparently being led by Osra Firethorn of House Firethorn, Uncle to Osric Firethorn. With him is his Knight Protector Liam Sevens and several other Sellswords. Osric demands to know who the Inner Circle is. But before they say anything Osra notices the Redrill coat of arms and immediately recognizes it. He brings up his brother Omin Firethorn and mentions that he perished at the Battle of the Trident. Alex acknowledges Omin as a loyal knight to Lord Osfred Redrill and that he died valiantly on the banks of the river. He also introduces Osric and informs Osra that he is Omin’s son.

Osra is delighted to hear that Omin had a son who had become a squire to the heir of House Redrill. An intrigue commences between Osra and Osric. Osra tries to beckon Osric to come with him where he belongs and that the honor of House Firethorn is at stake. At the same time Osric tries to get information from Osra as to why he has attacked House Follard. Osra wins the Intrigue pretty easily, and Osric is sympathetic to Lord Osra. Alex attempts to get information from Lord Osra and succeeds.

Here’s what he learns.

House Firethorn is a very old House from the Crownlands. Since the beginning they’ve been a fledgling house, barely on to their small patch of lands located North of Duskendale. Their founding Knight was Ossel Firethorn, a knight sworn to the Targaryen Conquest. Ossel aided Aegon in his Conquest of Westeros. It was said that the knight Ossel was a “thorn in the side” of the opposition and was named “Firethorn” by the Conqueror. Along with the name, Aegon bestowed Ossel Firethorn his own lands and holdings. As part of his holding, he recieved a Valyrian Steel Blade from Aegon. The blade was called Roseblood and was the centerpiece to the House’s fortune.
In the battles to follow, Ossel was slain in Battle and the Valyrian steel so dearly treasured was taken from his dead clutches. It was unknown as to who took the treasured blade. For generations House Firethorn continued to weaken. Losing a grip on his house Osra commissioned his Maester to research the possible whereabouts of the sword, knowing it could restore some glory to House Firethorn.
Maester Ronaldus’s research brought him to Oldtown and after two years discovered a text that the blade was perhaps given to Lord Karl Follard as a gift by his heir Kyle Follard, for slaying the Firethorn lord in battle. The text was deemed valid by the Citedel’s Archmaester of Records.
Osra Firethorn recalled Maester Ronaldus, who counselled him to send a ravven to Lord Jamus Follard and plead that the sword be returned to it’s rightful owner. In return the Osra would offer his daughter Olivia’s hand in marriage to Lord Jamus’s son Patrick. Lord Jamus insists he has no knowledge of any Valyrian Blade, assuring Osra that he is an honorable man and that keeping such a relic would go against his nature.
Osra Firethorn does not believe Lord Jamus’s answer. This time he sends an envoy consisting of Maester Ronaldus and his daughter Olivia. Maester Ronaldus provides Lord Jamus the document proving that House Follard has possession of Roseblood. Osra offers to pay for the blade with both his daughters hand and a hefty sum of gold dragons. Jamus Follard responds with a threat, saying the next envoy that was sent would not return. After not receiving help from his Liege Lord or the Hand of the King, Osra decided to take it upon himself to hire a Sellsword company and attack the Follard’s if they do not release the sword. After they were denied, the Sellswords launched an attack on Castle Valyr, which brings us to where we are now.

Alyn notices a closed door and hears some muffled voices. Osra opens it and reveals a couple of Sellswords and a Maester (who turns out to be Maester Ronaldus) interrogating another Maester. There’s also an Old Crone and a young boy. The young boy turns out to be Jamus Follard’s son Patrick, the heir to House Follard.

The Inner Circle makes a deal with Osra Firethorn. If they can help mediate the issue with the Valyrian blade, Osra must withdraw the sellsword company. He agrees. But first the Inner Circle needs to find Jamus Follard.

Perwyn Frey mentions the strange wall behind one of the statues. The Inner Circle investigates and they soon discover that only the statue’s sword will fit in the slit in the wall. Alyn calls Logain, his mute buddy for his brute strength with pulling the “sword from the stone.” Logain suceeds and gives the stone sword to Alyn. Alyn pops it in the slit and the wall behind the statue opens revealing a darkened path.

Some of the Inner Circle make their way in where they are greeted by a knight dressed in House Follard colors. He is poised to attack but relents when members of the Inner Circle inform him that they have come to help Lord Jamus. They also tell the guard that they have his son Patrick and that he is safe. Lord Jamus pops out and agrees to go with the Inner Circle.

He is brought to the fountain where he meets Osra Firethorn. Jamus becomes enraged and attempts to go at Osra. They almost come to blows, but the two are separated. Osra Firethorn asks for the Valyrian blade but is spurned once again by Jamus Follard. The Inner Circle begins an Intrigue with Lord Jamus on where the Valyrian blade might be. Lord Jamus is told that if Roseblood is handed over to the Firethorn’s, then no more harm will come to Castle Valyr and it’s people. Once again Jamus tells everyone that he doesn’t have any sword.

Suddenly, Perwyn Frey interrupts with news that he’s found another “sliding wall” but this time it requires some kind of key to open. All eyes turn to Lord Jamus, where he says he has no idea of any key or sliding wall. He insists that Castle Valyr has many secret passages. The group escorts Lord Jamus to the wall in question and the Inner Circle persuades him to open the door.

Lord Jamus pulls a key from his britches and reluctantly opens the sliding wall. The group makes it’s way down a passage. At the end of a passage is a darkened room. A few lit torches reveal a sarcophagus and a gold encrusted box about the length of a sword at the front of it. The writings on the sarcophagus read “Lord Karl Follard”. There appears to be some words on the adjoining box, but they are in a language not understood by most. Maester Mallador reads and reveals the word “Quick Hands”.

Upon inspection of the box, it reveals to be booby trapped. After a thievery check the box is open revealing a spinning blade contraption surrounding a sword. This is the Valyrian Blade Roseblood. Alex is cut as he opens the box and Perwyn retrieves the sword with a Quickness skill check. The sword is beautiful and Perwyn admires it as he hands it to Osra Firethorn. Osra takes one look at it and with tears in his eyes stuffs it in a scabbard. He looks at Lord Jamus who is fuming. “This could have been avoided had you let the sword come back to it’s rightful owner!”

The Inner Circle asks Osric to withdraw his men from Castle Valyr. Lord Jamus exclaims that House Redrill will feel the wrath of the Hand of the King for assisting in an attack on a House governed directly by the Iron Throne.

Alex and Alyn tell Jamus that it was not them who attacked, rather them who changed the outcome and limited any further casualties and damage. As the Inner Circle makes it’s way out they are blocked by the Old Crone.

She is pointing at the Inner Circle and tells them of the “Green Dream” she had the night before. In the dream the Inner Circle is on a large ship travelling down a river of blood. The river is harsh and choppy. The ship hits some large rocks and the members of the Inner Circle are thrown from the vessel. A flock of predator birds swoops down to prey on them who turned to fish once they hit the river of blood.

The dream ends and so does our adventure.

Each party member earns 100 Gold Dragons, 4 Experience Points, 2 Glory Points, and 1 Destiny Point. Excellent work!



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