Westeros Prime

Episode Ten: An Iron Return

Our adventure begins with our party having secured the Guthor Grimm’s flagship to Grimston. If it had not been for the Inner Circle coming to the rescue, a mutiny would have cost the Tyrell strong arm and his sons their lives.

The Inner Circle sails north up the coast passing Lannisport and The Crag. Their destination is Seagard. They are to disembark and head east to link up with the Kingsroad for a 2-3 day journey South to Castle Ondrew.

But just south of the Iron Islands as the ship sails East towards Seagard, a fleet of ships is seen on the horizon. The fleet is sailing West. A few of the members don Myrish lenses to get a better look. Through the lens they make out eight ships, with three different sigils on the masts of the ships. Three of the ships are from House Kenning, three from House Myre, and two from House Wynch. The captain of Inner Circle’s ship points to smoke rising from the coastline. After a short discussion, members of the Inner Circle agree that it would be prudent to investigate the smoke. The captain of the ships docks the vessel at the nearest port, which happens to be where the fires are burning.

The party disembarks with their small force and cargo and make their way up the road leading to a village. Death and destruction can be seen in this small fishing village. Many homes burn while frantic citizens try to extinguish the blazes. Dead men, women, and children litter the streets. The Inner Circle springs into action and begin to help some of the wounded. They begin to ask what had happened and find out that a large force of Ironborn Raiders (about 100 of them) did this. Many innocent townsfolk were killed and some of the younger women rounded up. After destroying, raping, and reaving, the Ironmen split into two groups, with some headed North and others East. They also find out that the village is a holding to House Charlton (retconned) and their young lord, Ser Andrey Charlton. He was likely on the way to aid the village, but had not yet arrived. House Charlton is a sworn banner of House Frey.

The Inner Circle decides to leave Perwyn Frey and five of their men to stay back and help with the efforts, and to also meet Lord Andrey Charlton. The rest of the Redrill party will head East following the tracks left by the Ironmen pillagers in the hopes of catching up to them. They follow the tracks out of the village and onto a small road. Alyn surmises that there appears to be 20-30 men on foot. He also sees that there are small foot tracks (likely women and children). They decide that travelling on the road is not wise as they are outnumbered and would rather sneak up on the bad guys. They devise a plan to send scouts ahead in the woods and on the high ground, that runs along the road. Soon after, the Redrill scouts return and inform the party that a group of Ironborn are coming back down the road. There are women and children with them. The Ironmen are armed with axes and bows, and there appears to be a clear leader. He wields an epic Warhammer.

The group, knowing the fate of the women if taken by the Ironmen, decides to ambush the approaching party. The group sets a position to funnel the Ironmen through a small passing, making the ambush more effective. Mallador, Alyn, and the archers take position behind a fallen tree to better shoot down the Ironmen. The guerrillas move into the low hills to be a position to flank their enemies, while Alex and Osric take a point position on horseback to charge the foes and force them towards the guerrillas. It’s an excellent plan.

The battle was fierce and intense. The Inner Circle’s battle ground positioning greatly aided them. Alyn’s powerful and deadly arrow’s cut down several foes, Alex’s skillful use of his longsword and riding skills, and even the scrappy squire Osric does some damage. Still, the fighting is heavy and both Osric and Mallador are wounded. Alex (of course) rounds up the fleeing women and are convinced that they are from House Redrill and are there to help. They take the Ironmen leader’s Warhammer as a prize for the house, even though Osric wanted it for himself. The Inner Circle decided that it was best to make camp and rest their wounds for the night. During the night Perwyn and the five soldiers stumble upon the camp and rejoins they party. The next morning the group makes it’s way South with no sign of any Ironmen.

After three months, the Inner Circle party reaches their home lands and are anxious to get to Castle Ondrew. It is soon obvious that the domain is in disarry, have not been maintained, and lacking in leadership. Castle Ondrew also seems out of sorts. The gates are opened and Alex shouts for the Master of Arms. Minutes later, Lancaster Giles appears and informs the party that no one has seen Lord Osfred since they had left for Oldtown. He tells Alex & Alyn that (as of late) there has been an increase of Terrick guards on the grounds of the Castle. Immediately, the party makes it’s way to Lord Osfred’s chambers. They fear the worst. As they reach the hallway, they are met by two purple-clad Terrick guards. Alex calls out that he demands to enter and the guards let them by without hindrance. The door is flung open and a horrible smell hits them in the face. It is dark in the room, save for the fire in the hearth. Mallador recognizes the smells as vinegar and mustard seeds – ingredients from the recipe he had sent to Maester Orchid.

Lord Osfred is sleeping, and Maester Orchid ushers them into the next room. Orchid says that since receiving the Essos “cocktail” from Mallador, the Greyscale seems to have stopped spreading. Lord Osfred condition is improving, but his ear and part of his cheek had to be removed. Mallador already starts thinking of a mask he could create to cover the scarring (Phantom of the Opera -style). Alex asks why there are Terrick men guarding the door and Maester Orchid tells him that Septon Stoddard was causing conflict and tried to force his methods of fasting and prayer on him, instead of the Maester’s way. Orchid and Mallador converse about the treatment before Orchid is dismissed by the Inner Circle.

The group goes to meet with Septon Stoddard, who is holed up in Lord Osfred’s solar. The solar is a mess. Parchment and remnants of food and wine are scattered about. He sits in the chair when the group enters. He is more than relieved to see them. Stoddard tells them that he had a hard time keeping order on the lands as some of the men seemed to be “enjoying” the time off. Alex thanks the Septon and informs him that he can go back to just being a servant of the Seven. Stoddard is enthusiastic about this news as he hands Alex the parchment from King Robert. He says that he did not tell anyone about the letter from King Robert. The Inner Circle is grateful for this. They help get things in order in the solar before dismissing the Septon.

The next morning (over breakfast) Alex and Alyn disagree about a course of action about Robert’s request. Alex thinks it would be unwise to tell Father in his current state, while Alyn feels that it is necessary. Alex caves to his younger brother’s proposition. Shortly after, the two enter Lord Osfred’s chambers. The Lord of the House is awake and with Mallador, who attends to the open wounds. The skin around the gap looks grey and hard. Nevertheless, Osfred is joyed to see his sons and that Mallador’s situation was (sort of) cleared up. Eventually Alyn hands Robert’s letter to Osfred, who reads it. Before a discussion can be made, a new piece of parchment is brought in by a servant.

Lord Osfred tells the group that Lord Tully has called them to raise their banners. The Ironborn have launched an invasion on the Riverlands.

Reward: Each member of the party receives 2 Experience and 1 Glory.



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