Lady Elaine Redrill

Cousin to Osfred


Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Weight: 108 pounds
Age: 17
Build: petite
Hair: long black hair that is kept in tight curls on the side of her head
Eyes: dark brown


Lady Elaine is very attractive, and has grown a great sense of self pride because of this. Many lower class residents consider her to be shallow and course, though most that know her best consider her an outright dullard. Still, in the eyes of most nobles and knights where interactions are generally brief and fleeting, her swagger and beauty provide her with plenty of attention. Some murmur that Lady Elaine strolls about as if she is the queen of Westeros herself.

Lady Elaine is the niece of Lord Osfred Redrill. Her father Stogar Redrill, younger brother of Osfred, died from the flux along with Elaine’s mother about 16 years ago. Lord Osfred took Elaine in although Osfred has never been close to the girl.

She has no strong feelings for her betrothed, Ser Perwyn Frey, but is very happy to be joining a higher house. She does, however, regret that Perwyn is merely the 15th son, and not the first born. If Lady Elaine was a bit sharper of wits her beauty and ambition would likely make her dangerous.

Lady Elaine Redrill

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