Logan Rivers

Metalsmith (Specializes in Weaponry) - Age 38


A short but well-built man with weathered skin and large calloused hands. Logan is an exceptionally hard worker who seems to exist on minimum sleep. He works his sons hard and his son Kip is already forging basic weapons and metal tools for some of the smallfolk.


Logan handles the smithing and some of the castle repairs that require metal work. He is a rather stoic, hard working chap with an iron grip and a seemingly endless supply of stamina. He has two sons Kip(18) and Kramer(12) who help him with his work and a teen daughter Kess(15) that is entirely feminine. His wife has a full figure and likes to flirt with the men especially the squire Osric Firethorn. Logan seems to love his work more than his wife and he generally ignores her indiscretions.

Logan Rivers

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