Lord Commander Barristan Selmy

An older man with white hair and lined features. Despite his advanced age he is still strong and fast and every bit the skilled knight he was in his youth.


Ser Barristan took Aleksandr on as his squire after the young warrior saved him from drowning during the last battle of Greyjoy’s Rebellion. Barristan saw a lot of himself in the young warrior but he constantly rebuked him about his “wandering-eye.” Nevertheless, Aleksandr learned much under the Lord Commander and his position exposed him to people, places and situations that he would never have experienced otherwise.

Ser Barristan was disappointed when Aleksandr had to leave his position and return home to his sick father but he thought the choice was an unselfish and honorable one. Since that time Aleksandr has only had the chance to reunite with his former mentor one other time but Barristan remains fond of the Black Raven of Redrill.

Lord Commander Barristan Selmy

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