Lord Scorra Bloodraven


Lord Scorra has brown eyes and straight brown hair. He is above average in height and rail thin. He enjoys projecting a regal air although there are times when his nerves seem frayed.


Orlanna and Scorra are twins though not identical. Orlanna was born first and although the twins were raised together, they didn’t appear to be close.

Lord Scorra never seems to be satisfied. In his mind every good thing that comes along somehow gets ruined. Although he was not the heir of House Terrick he married well and now “shares” power over House Bloodraven with Lady Arriana. Still, he has not been able to produce an heir from his own blood and his frustration grows.

Lord Scorra is not overly attractive and he is rather gangly yet he managed to acquire a breathtaking wife. Still, it’s obvious to him that his wife is merely playing the game of “the dutiful wife” like a master and she secretly detests him.

Lord Scorra has the opportunity build a legacy in his “new house” but the bastard son of his own wife won’t stay gone.

Thus Lord Scorra is never happy. He finds a way to diminish anything good that happens his way and he is deeply insecure. The more impressive an individual is…the more Lord Scorra will detest them. Thus he surrounds himself with weak-minded, morally bankrupt, or flawed souls to make himself appear that much grander…all save for his wife, who generally chooses to be somewhere other than at her husbands side.

Lord Scorra Bloodraven

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