Maester Cripps

Seneschal of the Citadel


Maester Cripps is the newly appointed Seneschal of the Citadel. The Seneschal is chosen from among the archmaesters by lot. A new one is chosen each year. The Seneschal is tasked with the governance of the Citadel. Most archmaesters consider it a thankless task that takes them away from their true calling.

Like other who have been elected to this position, Maester Cripps is jaded by the appointment. He feels it is taking away from his studies, which happens to by Healing.

He has the reputation to judge quickly during disciplinary hearings; mostly giving a guilty sentence.

He is balding, and in his 60’s. His fat raven “Blackstar” is always perched on his shoulder. He regularly feeds it corn.

Maester Cripps

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