Ser Aleksandr Bael Redrill

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Name: Ser Aleksandr Bael Redrill
Nicknames/Titles: The Dark Raven of Redrill, The Knight of Twin Hearths, Aleksandr Maiden’s Heart
House: Redrill (Bloodraven)
Father: Lord Osfred Redrill
Mother: Lady Arriana Bloodraven Nickname: Ravenflower
Qualities: Attractive, Animal Cohort (Warhorse named Rainstone), Famous
Flaws: Honor-bound, Nemesis, Fear

Abilities of Note

Animal Handling: 4
Athletics: 4
Endurance: 4
Fighting: 4
Persuasion: 4
Thievery: 1

Specialties of Note

Long Blades


Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Weight: 208 pounds
Build: an athletic muscular build with broad shoulders and lanky but powerful limbs
Hair: raven black hair of shoulder length that he often slicks back to keep it out of his face
Eyes: mis-matched eyes of green and blue like his distant ancestor Shiera Seastar
Appearance: Aleksandr has inherited the dark beauty of his mother and the Bloodraven line, including her mis-matched eyes. Although Aleksandr is striking in appearance, his beauty does not resemble that of others such as The knight of Flowers, whose beauty could best be described as almost feminine. Aleksandr fully recognizes the affect his looks have on others and he is not above using it to his advantage. Nevertheless, Aleksandr enjoys competition and physical challenges and is not opposed to getting dirty in the least. Aleksandr has only recently begun participating in tournaments and he finds them exhilarating. There has been a slight buzz of excitement and curiosity in various social circles since Aleksandr participated and won his first local tournament, not only because of his obvious skill in the jousts, but also because of Aleksandr’s rather unique appearance in and out of his armor. During his first tournament Aleksandr enjoyed storming onto the scene and displaying his Dark Raven armor while competing and he is determined to keep the buzz going since the attention gets his name out there and benefits his house. Although Aleksandr enjoys advertising himself and his house in competitions and during social events, he recognizes that such grandstanding is but a tool to help him accomplish his goals. Ironically, The Dark Raven of Redrill had already acquired a measure of fame before winning his first tournament due to his rather dynamic past. And while the young knight appears poised to make his mark upon Westeros’ battlefield, his exotic eyes and overzealous libido appear to be the bane of many-a-maiden.


Goals: Power. Aleksandr has a rather unique view of power. Power is an expendable resource in Aleksandr’s eyes and there are many avenues that lead to increased power. Power may be attained through the acquisition of glory, wealth, influence or skill. Aleksandr is an ambitious opportunist who seeks personal power to ensure his survival and the survival of his house and loved ones, and for the purpose of using it as a resource to lift his house to greater heights. Aleksandr is not content to be a minor player or a minor house. In his eyes power belongs to the bold, skilled, courageous, wise, and noble. Sometimes the weak or ignoble rule over the strong because of tradition, apathy, or cowardliness. While loyalty is a great and essential virtue, those that are served have the responsibility to maintain their worthiness. That does not mean Aleksandr believes in rebellion or disloyalty at the drop of a hat. He just liberally believes in the motto of his house…“Fortune Favors the Bold.” If a house wants to achieve greatness and relevance, they must seek to tap in to any source of power that is available as long as doing so does not stain the honor of the house.

Motivations: Excellence. Aleksandr recognizes how difficult it can be for a small house to grow in size and power. Most houses across Westeros are all striving for greater strength and relevance but few seem to succeed, and those that do generally have limited success. Aleksandr believes that one way he can aid in the growth of his house is by personal excellence in all that he does. Personal glory always lends prestige to one’s house and it can also provide additional wealth and influence. If a knight can excel on the social stage as well as the battlefield, he may be able to raise his house to great heights. And if the house is opportunistic and ambitious enough, the sky is the limit. This philosophy summarizes Aleksandr’s general attitude and describes his motivations.

Virtues: Just. Aleksandr is proud of his blood, his abilities, and his accomplishments, but he is not known to look down at others. The baker has a role to play just as the knight does, and although some roles hold greater prestige, every occupation provides a useful service. While Aleksandr is aware of the privileges provided to one of his station, every individual deserves a measure of justice. Still, Aleksandr is not naive, he recognizes that true justice is a rare commodity in Westeros. Nevertheless, he feels compelled to dispense of worthy justice when it is within his power to do so. Aleksandr especially feels this way when it comes to the elderly, children and ladies. All of these groups are seldom able to defend themselves and Aleksandr has often taken it upon himself to act in their defense. As a result of several occasions in Aleksandr’s past when he aided a lady in need, Aleksandr has occasionally been referred to as Aleksandr Maiden’s Heart.

Vices: Licentious. While Aleksandr strives to maintain most of the knightly virtues, it is quite apparent to those closest to him that Aleksandr as a weakness for women. Most of the time Aleksandr’s sense of honor stifles inappropriate contact with the fairer sex, he values the vows made between a man and his wife, but Aleksandr is far from immune to any beautiful women’s charms if she is skilled or determined. Some of the servants around the house whisper that Aleksandr has inherited his father’s libido and it’s just a matter of time before things get “interesting.” Up until now Aleksandr has done a pretty good job of hiding this flaw and acting with reasonable discretion. But even Aleksandr is unprepared for the challenges he will face regarding his vice when the famous young knight is dropped into a sea full of Westeros intrigue.

Quirks/Mannerisms: Aleksandr is fond of clothing and armor in dark hues and he is quite creative preferring customized rather than standard equipment. Although he does not maintain the skill to create his own personal equipment, he has been known to give tailors and smithies sketches of what he pictures in his mind.

Aleksandr seldom lets another feed or brush his steed. Aleksandr has forged a powerful bond with his horse (Rainstone) and he views the young stallion like a part of his family. While there are times when Aleksandr is unable to take care of his companion personally, those times are rare and anybody given access to Rainstone is scrutinized and given precise instructions. If Rainstone does not like his would-be caretaker all bets are off and Aleksandr will find another or just take care of Rainstone himself.

Aleksandr enjoys hot bathes when they are available and he is fond of taking periodic dips in the Riverlands streams and rivers when travelling. Most do not realize that this behavior has more to do with Aleksandr’s fear of contacting some disease than maintaining an ultra-clean body.

Although Aleksandr is loyal to House Redrill and his Lord father, he chooses to carry his own Coat Of Arms in honor of his mother who he loves very much. This is a unique choice given that he is viewed as the heir of House Redril. Still, his father does not appear to have any issue with it. Aleksandr will acknowledge his Bloodraven heritage if an inquiry is made, but currently he directs all his glory to House Redrill.

Fears: On two occasions in his past Aleksandr was confronted with diseased individuals and the experience left a powerful impression on the young man. The first time Aleksandr witnessed the horrors of disease was after the Greyjoy Rebellion. A couple smallfolk families in the Iron Islands had contacted a wasting disease after the hardships endured by the battles and Aleksandr watched helpless as the families were burned alive in their own homes by their own people. Ser Selmy also observed the incident and explained to Aleksandr that nothing could be done for them. That they were in The Sevens hands now. The second incident occurred when Aleksandr was on the road to attend to his sick father and his troupe came across a campsite of two sell-swords nearly dead from The Bloody Flux. Their site was covered in blood and shit and the two large men were virtually helpless. Aleksandr’s man-at-arms advised putting the men out of their misery from afar and burning the site down. Aleksandr could only nod helplessly as his men went to the task. From that point on Aleksandr has grown fearful of disease. He could not believe how easily the disease destroyed two able-bodied men and he could not personally imagine a worse fate. Aleksandr has started taking more baths and praying to The Seven since that time. A series of coughs or sneezes by anybody will often draw his notice and if such behavior continues he will often find a place to recline far away from said individuals.

Interests/Passions: Aleksandr has had a passion for animals, especially horses, ever since a foreign horse merchant visited Redrill lands during one of their harvest festivals. Aleksandr then convinced his father to purchase an exotic colt as a stud and hire a strange Dothraki woman who was skilled with horses and travelling with the merchant’s entourage. Aleksandr worked with Satori the Dothraki woman and bred the exotic colt with one of the Lords impressive destrier mares resulting in the birth of Rainstone. Aleksandr learned much from Satori, raising and training Rainstone himself with her aid. Aleksandr loves riding and has acquired a passion for breeding horses.

Aleksandr loves the excitement and competition of the tournament. To him there is nothing better than matching his skills against other great warriors and then celebrating with food, mead, and conversation afterwards. Aleksandr wouldn’t admit it but he enjoys showing off to the ladies and he loves the idea of picking out a beautiful maiden and wearing her colors during the joust. He enjoys the social games as much as the martial ones and his charm is perhaps more formidable than even his sword arm.


Ser Aleksandr Bael Redrill

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