Tomlin & Starzi Wheelin

Master Mason & Assistant - Ages 39 & 15


Tomlin is responsible for designing and overseeing the building of a structure. He is a simple man of few words who enjoys working with stone. Since he often has men handling the heavy lifting, he is fond of dressing nicely. Some locals think that Tomlin is looking for a new wife since his last wife Mira passed 2 years ago when giving birth. Sadly, the baby was also lost.

His daughter Starzi is close with her father and sometimes assists him with his work. She is very much a tomboy, but her young body has recently experienced a full blossoming. So far her father is “pretending” not to notice these obvious changes but Starzi is starting to lose interest in helping her father as she begins to explore the changes that are coming over her. The men often get in trouble for staring at the young lass and Tomlin does not hesitate “punishing” those who stare with a harder work-load.

Tomlin & Starzi Wheelin

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