The House

House Redrill

House Information

Realm: The Riverlands
House Lord: Osfred Redrill
Defense: 37
Influence: 33 (Maximum Status: 4 Max Status for PC’s: 2 or 3)
Lands: 28
Law: 35
Population: 28
Power: 20
Wealth: 35

Defense Holdings: 37 points

  • Small Castle (Castle Ondrew) – 30 points invested
    Remaining Points: 7

Influence Holdings: 33 points

  • First Born Son (PC) – 20 points invested
  • Second Born Son (PC) – 10 points invested
    Remaining points: 3

Land Holdings: 28

  • Hills – 7 points invested
  • River – 3 points invested
  • Ruin – 3 points invested
  • Hamlet – 10 points invested
    Remaining Points: 5

Law Holdings: 35

Population Holdings: 28

Wealth Holdings: 35

  • Mine – 10 points invested
  • Maester (PC) – 10 points invested
  • Artisan (Blacksmith) – 10 points invested
    Remaining Points: 5

Power Holdings: 20

  • Veteran Garrison – 7 points invested
  • Trained Guerillas – 5 points invested
  • Veteran Archers – 8 points invested
    Remaining Points: 0

House Fortune Roll Modifiers

  • Law Holding Mod: -1 to result
  • Population Holding Mod: +1 to result
  • Wealth Holdings Mods: +3 to result (Maester), +5 to result (Mine)
    Total Modifier: +8 added to result

Defense, Terrain, & Power Benefits/Drawbacks

  • +6 Defense bonus to units defending the Small Castle
  • Veteran Garrison receives -3/+3 Discipline Difficulty modifier when fighting away from lands vs. defending lands.
  • Trained Guerillas receive a +3 Discipline Difficulty modifier.
  • Veteran Archers receive a +3 Discipline Difficulty modifier.
  • Hills grant Slow Movement (-10 yard large combat units/-1 yard character scale unit) and +1B on Fighting and Marksmanship Tests when attacking a unit on lower terrain.
  • Hamlet grants Slow Movement (-10 yard large combat units/-1 yard character scale unit)
  • River Blocks Movement (No movement except crossing over Bridge, which grants slow movement)
  • Ruin Grants Cover (+2 to Defense)
  • The Blacksmith gives all weapons purchased in home land a “Caste Forged” quality.

House Historical Highlights

House Founding
House Redrill was founded during the days of the Rhoynar Invasion (ca.-700) when Queen Nymeria brought ten thousand ships to Westeros through Dorne. The marriage of Queen Nymeria to Mors Martell solidified House Martell as the ruling house of Dorne. Battles raged in the Stormlands and into the Reach, while the rest of Westeros looked on nervously. Meanwhile in the Riverlands, Lord Meryn Totten ruled a modest domain just Northeast of the Trident in the Foothills and just south of the Mountains of the Moon. House Totten’s history is largely unknown, though it is said that it was founded just prior to the Rhoynar Invasion.

Meryn Totten was a young lord who recently assumed the role as House lord after his Lord fathers passing. His domain contained a small castle situated next to a silver mine that provided considerable wealth to the House. Preferring to stay out of the conflict in the South, Lord Totten instead looked to expand his House’s status. He did so by courting a maiden by the name of Lady Roswyn Nell. House Nell was a neighboring House of lesser nobility and it greatly depended on the resources provided by House Totten. Other than a small wooden hall where the failing Lord Rasmus Nell held court, House Nell had no holdings of it’s own. With no heir to claim Lordship, Lord Nell agreed to allow Lord Meryn to absorb House Nell into House Totten.

To aid in the merger between House Totten and House Nell, and to assist with the wedding between himself and Lady Roswyn, Lord Meryn requested the services from the Order of the Maesters. The Citadel sent Maester Ondrew. Maester Ondrew was an ambitious and knowledgeable Maester versed in the politics of Westeros. Nothing is known about Maester Ondrew prior to the forging of his chain.

Upon arrival, Maester Ondrew began immediate preparations for the wedding and the merger of the two houses. Every detail of the wedding was handled by Maester Ondrew from the ceremony, the feast, and the musical entertainment. He convinced Lord Meryn to invite all household servants and guards from both Houses to enjoy the wedding ceremony and feast. His reasoning was that it would be a gift to the good people of both houses to witness the union and that they were all one family together now under the banner of House Totten. Lord Meryn obliged and Maester Ondrew would hire outside servants to handle the vacancy that the household servants would normally attend to so that they could enjoy the wedding as guests. This made Ondrew a very popular man with the houses servants and guards.

The day of the wedding was a perfect one in the Riverlands and the two houses were gathered in their entirety. The service and was conducted by a travelling Septon and took place in House Totten’s Sept. In the evening, the celebration feast in the castle courtyard was joyous. Drink and food was plenty and the music had nobles and servants dancing together. As celebrations winded down, it was announced that it was time for the bedding of the couple. As was the custom of a Westeros wedding, the newlyweds were carried to bed to consummate the marriage. The bride by the men, undressed her on the way and told rude jokes of what awaited her between the sheets. The women did the same to the husband. Only after being bundled naked were they left alone; with the guests waiting outside the bridal chamber shouting ribald suggestions through the door. It was then that Maester Ondrew’s wicked plan came to fruition.

With the couple inside the bridal chamber, Maester Ondrew slipped in and put a dagger across the throat of Lord Meryn right as he was to begin the act of consummation. While Lord Totten lay on the floor gurgling blood and dying, Ondrew would take the Lady Roswyn as his own. While Maester Ondrew raped Lady Nell, her screams went unnoticed. The “Red Wedding” outside the chamber and in the castle courtyard had commenced. The servants hired by Ondrew brandished swords, axes, crossbows, and hammers then brutally slaughtered the guests. Maester Ondrew emerged from the chamber and called for the Septon, who had been spared to perform one more wedding. Removing his forged chains and renouncing his status as a Maester of the Citadel, Ondrew forced Lady Roswyn to marry him or else her father Lord Rasmus (who was also spared) would be killed as well. Horrified, she agreed and spoke the vows. Ondrew then ordered the execution of both the Sept and Lord Rasmus so that there would be no witnesses. In the end, no members of House Totten or House Nell were left to tell the horrific tale. It was said that the blood from the Red Wedding ran all the way to the Trident.

Ondrew and his Sellswords put the Sept to the torch and took the Castle as his own seat. Peasants were forced to burn the corpses and to assist in the “cleansing of the slate” before they too were round up and murdered. He would send a raven to the Citadel officially resigning from the Order of Maesters, citing that he was given a tract of land to rule. Though his nobility was questioned, Lord Ondrew had considerable wealth from the silver mine and power from his sellsword force so his Lordship went unquestioned.

Nine months later Lady Roswyn who was imprisoned bore Ondrew an heir, solidifying the Redrill line. She died in childbirth, or so it is told.

The Rivers Revolt
Two generations after Ondrew Redrill died of natural causes, his grandson Lord Ronan Redrill struggled to keep rule over his household and domain. Ronan’s bastard half-brother Patreck Rivers led a revolt to seize Castle Roswyn (House Totten’s former castle re-named). Patreck Rivers and his small force was able to capture Castle Roswyn. Rivers allowed his half-brother and those loyal to him to leave unharmed under the condition that they could never return.

Luckily, Lord Ronan was able to smuggle a large amount of silver from the mine during the departure. He would use the same silver to hire clansmen from the Mountains of the Moon to assist him in taking back his Castle by force.

Ten days later, Lord Ronan returned to Castle Roswyn with some of the clansmen. The Clansmen pretended to have captured Lord Ronan and were looking to ransom him or else they would kill him outside the Castle walls. The Clansmen demanded that the Lord of Castle come out from his walls to barter. Rivers did so, and with silver ready to ransom, apparently feeling guilt for sending Ronan away. In the exchange, Rivers helped Ronan to his horse. As Rivers climbed to lead Ronan away, Ronan brandished a dagger and killed his half-brother and tossed him aside. This set off a chain reaction, and the battle for Castle Roswyn commenced. With the walls breached, the clansmen poured in. As the battle raged, Ronan set Castle Roswyn ablaze claiming he could just build another one.

Ronan Redrill resumed control over the House and began construction of Castle Ondrew. Castle Roswyn ruins was left as a reminder to anyone who wished to challenge Lord Ronan’s rule once again. Lord Ronan was eventually killed by his own sons hired assassin and House Redrill sunk deeper in decline.

War of the Conquest
During Aegon’s War of the Conquest, House Redrill having no means to defend itself, bent the knee to the Targaryens and the new Lord of the Riverlands, Edmyn Tully.

The Raven’s Teeth
During Blackfyre’s Rebellion, House Redrill stayed loyal to the Crown and join Brynden “Bloodraven” Rivers in defense against the rebels.

King Aegon IV Targaryen had legitimised all of his bastards on his deathbed. His noble bastards were called the Great Bastards, the most notable of whom was Daemon Blackfyre, a great warrior and wielder of the Targaryen sword of kings, Blackfyre. In 184 Al, Aegon IV was succeeded by Daeron II. King Daeron was a cultured, scholarly man and reigned over a sophisticated court, attended by maesters and learned men, which was perceived as effete and overly-refined, not pleasing to many of his more martial courtiers and nobles. His marriage to the Dornish princess Myriah introduced foreign influences and manners to the court, further adding to the displeasure with his reign. In addition, popular rumors held that King Aegon IV’s sister-wife Naerys had shared her affections with their other brother, Aemon the Dragonknight, leading to the possibility that Daeron II was not the son of Aegon IV.

After more than a decade of building tension, open warfare erupted in 195 AL. The immediate cause was Daemon Blackfyre’s rage over Daeron betrothing his sister Daenerys to Maron Martell, Prince of Dorne. Daeron sent the Kingsguard to arrest him, but Daemon escaped with the aid of Ser Quentyn Ball, the master-at-arms of the Red Keep. Blackfyre mustered a sizable army against Daeron and was joined by his half-brother Aegor “Bittersteel” Rivers, a fellow Great Bastard. Brynden “Bloodraven” Rivers, another Great Bastard, remained loyal to the King. On the small council, Bloodraven advocated a hard line against the rebels, winning out over Prince Baelor Breakspear’s desire to pardon. Daemon began to mint his own coinage.
Heavy fighting erupted over the next year, with the Riverlands particularly afflicted. Ser Quentyn “Fireball” attacked the Westerlands, killing Lord Lefford at the gates of Lannisport and then defeating Lord Damon Lannister in turn. At the crossing of the Mander, Ser Quentyn slew all of Lady Penrose’s sons except for the youngest, whom he spared as a favor to the lady. A key general, he was slain on the eve of the Battle of the Redgrass Field by an archer.
Finally, at the Battle of the Redgrass Field in 196 AL Bittersteel and Blackfyre led a strong force against a royalist army commanded by Prince Maekar and Lord Hayford, the King’s Hand. The fighting was very heavy, with Lord Hayford slain. During the battle Blackfyre came face-to-face with Ser Gwayne Corbray of the Kingsguard, wielder of the Valyrian steel blade Lady Forlorn. Their duel was said to have lasted nearly an hour before Blackfyre gained the upper hand. However, by this time a second royalist force was approaching from the south led by Prince Baelor. Perhaps even more critical was that Bloodraven and his archers, the Raven’s Teeth, captured and assumed a position atop the Weeping Ridge, which overlooked the battlefield and allowed them to rain arrows down among Blackfyre and his commanders. Bloodraven personally killed Daemon Blackfyre and his twin sons Aemon and Aegon. The rebels began to rout, but Bittersteel rallied them by leading a charge that decimated the Raven’s Teeth, taking out Bloodraven’s eye in the process. However, Prince Baelor’s Dornish spearmen gained the battlefield and crushed the rebel army against Maekar’s shield wall.

It is unknown how many men took part in the final battle, but it is known that more than ten thousand died in the engagement, earning it the name Redgrass Field. With Daemon dead and his forces defeated, the Rebellion was over.

Oswell Redrill, friend to Brynden “Bloodraven” Rivers sent a number of his elite soldiers and archers to defend against the rebellion. Many of these men served in the Raven’s Teeth and lost their lives at the Battle of the Redgrass Field. For this glory was finally attached to the House Redrill.

Glory at the Battle of the Trident
During the War of the Usurper, as their overlord House Tully joined with the Rebellion, House Redrill led by Lord Osfred remained loyal to the Targaryen crown. They achieved glory at the Battle of Trident for their unfailing loyalty to Prince Rhaegar and the Royalist force.

The Battle of the Trident was the battle that ultimately determined the outcome of Robert’s Rebellion. The battle was fought between Rebel and Royal troops at the Green Fork of the Trident, across what would thereafter be known as the Ruby Ford. It ended in a victory for the rebels.

After the defeat at Stoney Sept, King Aerys II had at last realized that the Rebellion was a major threat to the Targaryens, perhaps the greatest threat to the dynasty since Daemon Blackfyre. The rebel forces were assembled on the east banks of the Green Fork and once the Tully and Arryn were joined by the Starks and Baratheons, they had sufficient strength to threaten King’s Landing, commanded by Robert Baratheon they marched south along the Kingsroad to the main crossing point over the Trident.

By this time, Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen had reappeared to take command of the royalist army. King Aerys has gracelessly reminded the Martells that Princess Elia was in his power and dispatched her uncle, Prince Lewyn Martell of the Kingsguard, assume command of 10,000 Dornish troops marching up the Kingsroad, and joined them to Rhaegar’s royalist army at the Trident. At the same time Ser Barristan Selmy and Ser Jonothor Darry were sent to rally the scattered forces of Lord Jon Connington and joined them to Rhaegar’s army as well. Additionally, Rhaegar persuaded his father to ask Tywin Lannister for help.

Though a significant army and navy under command of loyalist lords Mace Tyrell and Paxter Redwyne was laying siege to Storm’s End, none of the southron levies were called upon to march north. Finnaly the royal army, under command of Rhaegar, numbering some 40,000 men, marched up the kingsroad to the main crossing point over the Trident, as is was the route most likely to be taken by the rebels.

The Battle took place at the crossing of the Green Fork of the Trident that would later be known as the Ruby Ford. The Dornishmen, under the command of Prince Lewyn Martell was threatening Robert’s left flank. Ser Lyn Corbray, picking up his wounded father’s sword, led a charge and broke the Dornishmen. During the charge Ser Lyn encountered Prince Lewyn, who was already injured. In the ensuing fight, Ser Lyn killed Prince Lewyn. During the battle, Ser Barristan killed several men and Robert himself joined the fighting and met Rhaegar in single combat.
Though Lord Osfred made a name for himself and fought by Rhaegar’s side, the battle was decided when Robert killed Rhaegar with a blow of his warhammer. The blow was so hard that the rubies adorning Rhaegar’s armor were shattered free to litter the river, giving the Ruby Ford its name.

Leaderless, the Royal army broke and fled. Osfred Redrill and Barriston Selmy attended to the dead Prince. Both were spared in the battle and were later revered for their unfailing loyalty. Like others, Lord Osfred bent the knee to Robert Baratheon and became a vassal to House Tully.

Recent History Timeline
212AL – Brynden “Bloodraven” Rivers secretly puts in motion the formation of his own house. Shiera Seastar bears Bloodraven a son and future heir but the boy is eventually raised by trusted servants in secret while Bloodraven and Shiera use their positions at court to secure a holding.

262AL – Mallador is born

272AL – House Redrill begins to suffer constant raids from nearby mountain clans that have grown large and unified under a mighty chieftain.

273AL – House Redrill’s forces become strained protecting Redrill holdings and chasing the various skirmishers that are raiding the land and passing merchants .

274AL – Lord Osfred agrees to marry Lady Orlanna Terrick (12 yrs old) when she comes of age in a “gentlemans agreement.” In return, Lord Droman Terrick provides Osfred with two infantry and archery units to use against the mountain clans for the next 6 months and Lord Terrick pledges his aid to House Redrill against other houses that choose to raise their hand against House Redrill while they are clearing out clansman.

275AL – The combined forces of Redrill and Terrick finally kill the mighty chief and rout the remaining clansman.

275AL – Lord Osfred (35 yrs old) meets Lady Arriana “Ravenflower” of House Bloodraven. A nubile young maid of 15 years whose dark beauty has enchanted many-a-men. Osfred falls hard for Lady Arriana and he pays House Bloodraven several visits during the year.

276AL- Lord Osfred is shocked when Lord Egen Bloodraven offers his daughter’s hand. Egen tells Osfred that their two houses have a long history of goodwill and that House Bloodraven would be honored by a union with House Redrill. Lord Osfred is overcome by Lord Egen’s words and even more so by Lady Arriana and he agrees in the heat of the moment. Imagining that he can come up with a way to pacify Lord Terrick Osfred visits Lady Arriana on two other occasions to make wedding arrangements. During his last visit Osfred is overcome by his desire and beds Lady Arriana who is unprepared to resist her own passion.

276AL – Lord Terrick gets word of Osfred’s wedding plans and pays him a visit. Lord Osfred offers him gold and even some land but Lord Terrick is incensed and vows to make war against House Redrill and take the matter to the king. Osfred is startled and the pangs of guilt begin to wash over him and before Terrick is able to stomp off he promises to take the angry lord’s daughter as his wife and offers up large quantities of gold for the offense. Lord Terrick agrees and the wedding date is set.
*277AL – When Lord Egen gets word that Osfred has called off the wedding he is also angered but is willing to let the matter pass due to the friendship the two houses have maintained over the years. But soon after Lady Arriana reveals that she is pregnant to her father and Egen is beside himself with rage. While Egen carefully plots his revenge, Lady Arriana tries to convince her father that Osfred is not a bad man. She is determined to have the child and her father relents on that issue.

277AL – Aleksandr Bael Rivers of House Bloodraven is born.

277AL – Lord Osfred Redrill marries Lady Orlanna of House Terrick.

278AL – Alyn Redrill is born. Perwyn Frey is born the 15th son of Lord Walder Frey & Bethany Rosby.

280AL – Osric Firethorn is born

282AL- Roberts Rebellion Begins

282AL – House Redrill remains loyal to the king along with House Bloodraven. The Tully’s side with Robert and begin razing houses that have remained loyal to the king, but strangely leave House Bloodraven alone. Redrill’s holdings suffer during the Tully’s purge but Ondrew Castle holds under their assault due to its stout defensive position.

Osric Firethorn’s father is killed in the Battle of the Trident. Although Osric’s father was capable fighter, he had nothing to pass on as an inheritance to his son. Osric’s mother, the 4th daughter of House Nayland, a minor knightly house, is prepared to to seek shelter with her small home house but Lord Osfred has pity on her, recalling that Osric’s father fought bravely. He offers her a place in his holding and she accepts.

283AL – Once House Tully withdraws from Redrill lands, House Bloodraven turns on House Redrill and begin their assault on Ondrew Castle.

283AL – Robert’s Rebellion ends. Robert calls off all conflicts including Bloodraven’s feud with House Redrill.

284AL – King Robert meets with the Lords of Redrill and Bloodraven and mediates their dispute. Lord Osfred acknowledges Aleksandr before the king. King Robert legitimizes Aleksandr to help pacify House Bloodraven, then he sends the boy to be raised by House Redrill in an effort to keep the peace. In an effort to minimize possible trouble in the future between House Terrick and House Bloodraven, Robert influences the two houses to forge a bond of marriage. As a result, the Lady Arriana of House Bloodraven ends up marrying Scorra, the second born son of House Terrick. Because Lord Egen Bloodraven has no surviving heirs outside his daughter, Scorra Terrick is set to inherit some of House Bloodraven’s power upon Lord Egen’s death.

285AL – Aleksandr begins his life under the roof of Lord Osfred. At first Aleksandr is apprehensive, but he soon warms up to Lord Osfred and the servants and the boys natural charm quickly wins over most.

286AL – Lord Osfred starts to look at Aleksandr favorably. The young lad is physically gifted and well-mannered. Aleksandr is made a page and begins his training.

287AL – Lord Egen passes when he falls from his horse while hunting. Lady Arriana assumes power over Bloodraven holdings along with her husband Lord Scorra formerly of House Terrick.

288AL – Lord Scorra quickly assumes control of House Bloodraven, claiming that his wife has little interest in managing the holdings. When an entourage of Redrill men accompany Aleksandr to Bloodraven lands to visit his mother, they are met by a Bloodraven garrison and told that Lady Arriana is away visiting old friends. Similar excuses are made on two other occasions later that year and Aleksandr soon realizes that Lord Scorra is behind the issue.

Although Osric and his mother were given no privileges when they chose to serve Lord Osfred in his house, Osric eventually becomes a page for Ser Norman and conducts himself well.

289AL – Greyjoy’s Rebellion. House Redrill sends a retinue of men as the Tully’s muster their bannermen. Unknown to Osfred his son Aleksandr follows the men and join Ser Barristan Selmy’s gathering army posing as a knight. Barristan suspects something fishy about the young “knight” who does not quite fit into his armor. He questions Aleksandr and the young lad who is only twelve at the time is honest and forthright. He tells Barristan that it is his duty to engage all enemies of the king. Barristan recalls Aleksandr’s father and the loyalty of house Redrill and Bloodraven during Robert’s Rebellion and he recognizes the fire in Aleksandr’s eyes. Determining that the boy is strong enough to fight with men, he places Aleksandr on his flagship.

289AL – During the battles that follow Aleksandr holds his own and his courage and zeal inspire some of the men. During the climactic battle at Old Wyk, Barristan is knocked into the water by a swinging mast after dispatching several enemies. The more lightly armored Aleksandr grabs a rope and dives after Barristan without thinking, passing the rope to the more heavily armored Barristan so that he is able to pull himself back on deck.

289-291AL – After the rebellion is quelled, Barristan takes Aleksandr on as his squire for nearly two years and during that time Aleksandr has the honor of meeting King Robert and other members of the court. Eventually Aleksandr is forced to leave Barristan’s side to return home and attend to his sick father. Lord Osfred recovers but Aleksandr chooses to remain at House Redrill. Aleksandr grows closer to his father and the two spend a lot of time together. Lady Orlanna and Osfred’s relationship continues to cool.

Osrick Firethorn becomes a squire for Ser Fathus but soon becomes embroiled in a plot to pass Redrill secrets to some competing houses. Although Osric is innocent, a dastardly young knight anxious to earn coin pins the blame on Osric in an effort to keep attention from himself. Osrick and his mother are taken into custody. Although Osric is not executed, he is forced to work hard labor in the silver mines while his mother is simply imprisoned.

292AL – Aleksandr is knighted by Lord Osfred during the summer harvest festival to much fanfare by the smallfolk. To the delight of Osfred and the locals Aleksandr wins the small jousting tournament between knights in the region, choosing to wear the colors of one of House Cox’s young daughters. Later after the feasting and dancing Aleksandr beds the daughter behind the stables but does not see her again after the festival. After the celebration Aleksandr makes known his wishes to travel to Old Town in the near future and receive the blessings of The Seven under the watch of Ser Selmy Barristan. Osfred is delighted by Aleksandr’s skill and initiative and tells his son that he would support such a journey in the future.

Osric’s mother dies from disease in the dungeons.

292AL – Aleksandr convinces Lord Osfred to purchase an exotic stud horse from an eccentric horse merchant. He also convinces Osfred to hire Satori, a Dothraki woman with a rugged demeanor and a great knowledge of horses. Satori teachers Aleksandr about horses and the two go about breeding the exotic male with one of Lord Osfred’s most impressive mares. Aleksandr maintains a secret affair with Satori during this time.

293AL – Rainstone is born and Aleksandr begins taking care of him and eventually training him. Aleksandr requests that his father let him travel the breadth of Westeros and take part in tournaments so as to bring glory to the Redrill name. Lord Osfred is pleased by Aleksandr’s ambitions but he tells his son that the time is not yet right. Aleksandr obeys his father and puts his aspirations on hold.

294AL – While travelling to King’s Landing on business and to visit Ser Selmy, Aleksandr comes across a troupe of dead and seriously injured warriors of House Smallwood. The warriors explain to Aleksandr that some bandits ambushed them and kidnapped Lady Carellen their charge. Determining that the bandits cannot be far, Aleksandr pursues the bandits with his own men and finally catches up to them when they are making camp. Aleksandr has his half-brother Alyn put his skill with a bow to good use along with the men of his troupe by surround the camp and targeting specific bandits. Aleksandr sneaks over to Lady Carellen who is bound to a tree and frees her and begins to make a fighting withdraw as Alyn and the men help clear a path and make sure Aleksandr is not overwhelmed. With the aid of the archers Aleksandr is able to cut a path through the bandits and eventually rout them. During the journey back to House Smallwood Aleksandr assumes the role of the perfect knight and does not bed the starstruck lady, though the two share a long embrace. Lord Smallwood and Lady Ravella are beside themselves with appreciation and ask Aleksandr to stay for a couple days as their guests, but Aleksandr politely refuses and insists on completing the tasks his father assigned to him. Lady Carellen, a beautiful singer, composes a song called “The Dark Raven of Redrill,” in remembrance of her hero and how he came and stole her heart and departed like a dark raven of the night.

295AL – Smallfolk in the region begin referring to Aleksandr as the Dark Raven of Redrill and the Knight of Twin Hearths and his fame begins to take on a life of its own. Aleksandr has become a strikingly handsome young man and is fond of charming ladies of both great and small status with kind words, flirtatious glances, and small gifts. Rainstone continues to grow stronger and his bond with Aleksandr is like nothing Satori has ever witnessed. Lord Osfred is so pleased with Aleksandr and his growing fame and reputation, that he gives Aleksandr a custom suit of plate armor similar to the drawings that Aleksandr made in the past. Aleksandr is delighted and calls the gift his Dark Raven Armor. Lord Osfred gives Aleksandr his blessing to take part in some local tournaments.

Perwyn Frey is knighted after serving several years as a squire for Ser Roddrick Beloma, a knight of Lord Walder Frey. Although Ser Perwyn conducted himself with skill and integrity while serving as a squire, his martial prowess and abilities go mostly unnoticed in the massive Frey family.

296AL – Aleksandr is invited to attend a House Bracken tournament at Stone Hedge for the purpose of advertising his daughters for future marriages. The Stone Hedge Tournament is large enough to draw some knights from neighboring realms and Aleksandr creates quite a buzz when he shows up in his Dark Raven Armor. The young knight’s fame and reputation has stirred some jealousy in some of the other knights and inspired lots of attention with several maidens. Aleksandr appears poised for a rude awakening. He nearly causes a scandal when he shows up for the joust wearing the colors of three different ladies. But every victory at the tip of Aleksandr’s broken lance transforms scandal to elation and glory. Upon the back of his beautiful horse Rainstone Aleksandr finally unhorses the last of his opponents and returns the colors to each maiden, living by his houses motto Aleksandr’s fame reaches a new peak. Later that night at the feast, the three maidens bicker over who Aleksandr favors more and a near scandal becomes an amusing tale told by local smallfolk to this day. To make matters worse, Alyn Redrill wins the archery contest and Redrill glory ends up being a tough pill for some knights to swallow. It is presumed the nickname Aleksandr Maiden’s Heart was first coined at this tournament.

Mallador becomes the Maester of House Redrill after being chased out of the holding of his previous employer.

Ser Perwyn Frey is sent to House Redrill as a “gift” from Lord Walder Frey since he has not hope of ever holding the Twins. Ser Perwyn has no battle experience and is viewed with distrust by House Redrill because most suspect Lord Frey is trying to gain some insight and information about a house that is obviously on the rise. Lord Osfred Redrill is no fool though, knights are a valuable commodity and Osfred soon arranges a marriage between Ser Perwyn and Lady Elaine Redrill, a cousin.

297AL – It is spring and Aleksandr is anxious to return to Kings Landing to see his former mentor Selmy and receive the blessings of The Seven within the Sept of Baelor. Although he was knighted by his lord father, he longs for glory and hype that surround such a ceremony. He is also eager to experience the taste of tournaments in other parts of Westeros upon the back of his young colt Rainstone.

A date is set for the marriage of Ser Perwyn and Lady Elaine.

Osric is released from the mines a few months after his accuser, Ser Vespin leaves the house after stealing some coin. Further clues to Ser Vespin’s behavior seem to indicate that he was betraying House Redrill and set up Osric and his mother many years back.

(The Start of our Campaign)

The House

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