Welcome to Westeros Prime!

Westeros Prime is an RPG played by the Secret Tabletop Geeks using Green Ronin’s Song of Ice & Fire Role Playing Game.

Who are the Secret Tabletop Geeks you ask?
The Secret Tabletop Geeks are a group of (mostly) inexperienced gamers based in the Boston, Massachusetts area. As this is our first experience in RGP tabletop gaming, we fully expect to make asses out of ourselves playing this great game.

The guy in charge has put some stuff up in our Wiki. Feel free to browse, but do keep in mind that some of the links may direct you offsite to another popular wiki, which has tons of spoilers. As the guy in charge was creating said Wiki, he accidentally spoiled some of the story for himself, so be forewarned. If you’re caught up on all the books you may read on!

Do enjoy.


Westeros Prime

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