House Bloodraven

House Bloodraven


Realm: The Riverlands
House Lord: Lady Arianna Terrick, Lord Scorra Terrick (Lord Protector of domain)

House Seat: Small Castle called “The Ravensroost”

Exterior portion of domain is surrounded by Bloodraven Forest. Once through the forest, domain has multiple farms and a hamlet situated on grassy plains. The river cuts through the forest and plains, forcing travel over a single bridge. A road leading to the bridge also cuts through the domain.

Crime is rampant in the lands of Bloodraven as criminals parouse the road and hamlet. What crime is found is met with severe punishment.

House Bloodraven is known to have a talented Smith named Michael Growne.

The house is known to have a strong Calvary force, a Garrison of troops, some engineers and a personal guard called The Blackbloods, who are former sellswords that have sworn fealty to House Bloodraven.


House Bloodraven

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