Lady Arriana Bloodraven "The Ravenflower"


At age 38 Lady Arriana is still striking in appearance and her dark hair does not even have a hint of gray. Her mismatched eyes only enhance her beauty and it is common for men to stumble over their words when in her presence. Arriana is soft spoken but she hides a keen intellect behind those exotic eyes.


Lady Arriana hasn’t had a child since she married Scorra of House Terrick. Lord Scorra has become bitter and more withdrawn as he blames her his inability to produce an heir. Still, most assume the failure is Lord Scorra’s and this fact further aggravates his insecurities.

Lady Arriana is sometimes referred to as Ravenflower because of her dark, exotic beauty. She always seems to keep her composure and although her demeanor often appears meek or unaware, nothing could be further from the truth. Arriana leaves nothing to chance and her charisma and persuasiveness is formidable, but in a subtle manner.

Lady Arriana has suspicions of why Aleksandr has not visited her in quite some time but at the moment she is powerless to do anything about it. Although she has not seen Lord Osfred since they were both called to King Roberts court to settle the dispute between their houses, she still views Lord Osfred fondly. As a young girl her feelings were hurt by the scandal, but since King Robert legitimized Aleksandr and she was wed to Scorra Terrick, her reputation has fully recovered. Her dazzling but mature beauty and subtle charm has ensured that her reputation remain in tact.

Lady Arriana Bloodraven "The Ravenflower"

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