Osric Firethorn

Squire to Alex


Young Osric childhood and adolescence were marked by challenge after challenge. His father, who died in the Battle of the Trident left him and his well born mother (fourth daughter to a low-level house) to fend for themselves.

Eventually, Lord Redrill took the two in after the war, but gave them no privileges, only putting them to work in the house. Over time Osric and his mother adapted to their new lives with Osric gaining greater responsibilities within the house, eventually squiring for several sworn knights of Lord Redrill’s. These knights trusted Osric with many secrets, which would eventually lead to his and his mother’s demise. Osric was wrongly accused of selling these secrets to enemies of House Redrill by a low level knight. As punishment his mother was sent to the dungeons where she eventually died of disease. Due to his young age Osric was spared the dungeons but punished to hard labor in the House.

During his hard labor he learned how to use both his brain and quickness in a fight, but also demonstrated his allegiance and devotion to Lord Redrill. After close to 10 years of hard labor Lord Redrill released him. Now Osric only has one thing on his mind. Revenge against the knight who framed him and sent his mother to her grave.

Osric Firethorn

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