Ser Perwyn Frey

15th son of Lord Walder Frey and his sixth wife, Bethany Rosby


Agility 5
Athletics 5
Deception 5
Healing 1
Language 1
Status 3
Stealth 4

Quickness (3B)
Run (2B)
Bluff (2B)
Notice (1B)

Talented (Deception)
Favoured of Nobles


Perwyn is fairly young (20) and is agile and strong, yet not bulky. He is plain looking, not attractive, but not ugly. He is very confident in himself, and therefore stands tall with his head always held high.

Perwyn is quite cunning and potentially deceitful.



Sent to House Redrill by his father Lord Walder Frey with the intention of joining the two houses. Walder Frey sent Ser Perwyn as a suitor to Lady Elaine Redrill, cousin of Lord Osfred, however many suspect the intentions of Lord Frey to find a way to take the Redrill’s silver mine as his own. The intentions and true loyalty of Ser Perwyn himself are still unknown by all, but there is very little trust from those in House Redrill. Ser Perwyn has not had much opportunity to show his worth, as he was sent away to serve at a young age, even though he had recently been knighted. He has not fought in any battles and has only competed in one tournament, one year ago.


Perwyn has an ultimate goal to be successful, wealthy, and comfortable when he reaches old age. He has no major loyalties to anyone but himself, with the exception of his father. However, his loyalty to his father is only due to a sense of fear and being overpowered, due to the fact that Walder Frey is a powerful lord in the Riverlands. He shows no true love for his father when in the presence of others.

Minor goal:

To defeat Alexandr in a tournament.

Ser Perwyn Frey

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